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We are in an energy storm. It is important to try and become more aware of where you are resonating throughout the day. When you are consciously choosing your responses to life you are consciously creating your life. And now, more than any, is the time that we want to be consciously aware of what we are creating.

This energy surge is needed. The Earth and all in it is experiencing a shift from lower energy frequencies to higher energy frequencies. When the world begins operating from higher energy frequencies, it will operate from equality, honesty, unity, cooperation, abundance mindset, and compassion.

The "old energy" is being made to surface. What is this "old energy"? It is greed, corruption, bullying, lying, fear, racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, competition, scarcity mindset, and the countless other lower vibrations that keeps many feeling fearful, anxious and depressed. The events that are happening today are no accident. What had been allowed to operate in darkness for so many years MUST now come to light. So, get prepared to witness much more of the "old".

How To Stay Grounded During The Escalation of the "Old".

In order to refrain from being tossed to and fro in these escalating tides of old energy, we must anchor ourselves to some weight. This requires getting reacquainted with the "Self". Once we begin remembering who we are, we'll begin remembering why we are here. When these states of consciousness are achieved, we'll begin seeing that we have more control over what is happening then realized.

If we could change all of the drama we've been subjected to on a daily by just pushing a button on a remote, we'd do it in an instant. Right? It would be like changing the tv channel from a terrifying movie to a happy, go-lucky comedy. Please come to know that we do have that very power. The problem is we've forgotten how to summon this power consciously. And most importantly, we've forgotten that we are the ones who are creating the terrifying movie.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

'Old energy' operates on a very low frequency therefore emitting a vibratory pattern that projects fear-based images onto a holographic screen. Those of us who have believed that the world is an unfriendly, demanding, unfair and difficult place to navigate through are the ones responsible for this collective experience we are all having of an unfriendly, demanding, unfair and difficult place to live. This is no one's fault since these concepts of our world existed way before we arrived. But as we continue to believe that the world is a scary place to be, we'll continue to experience the world as such, keeping the terrifying movie a reality in our lives.

But what if we began shifting our energies to a much higher frequency? What then? Raising our vibration where we're operating from love instead of fear will literally begin to change the projected images we see before us. After all, scientists have revealed to us that atoms and molecules do change and shift according to our focus.

The Self Renewal Toolkit

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We can raise our consciousness by focusing on the positives in our lives rather than the negatives. "But I have nothing positive happening in my life", someone might say. Everyone of us can find something to be grateful for, and building a lifestyle around "genuine gratitude" will generate the necessary momentum needed to create a world of peace and abundance first in the life of the conscious individual then spreading outward globally.

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The Self Renewal Toolkit

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Practicing a gratitude mindset everyday will help raise your vibration, and placing yourself in a much higher frequency will align you with all things that are of that same higher frequency. The Self Renewal Toolkit is a product designed to quickly get you to that place of constant appreciation through an enjoyable course, workbook, audios and so much more. This self care bundle helps you get to that place of self appreciation within this fast paced world with ease. With this course and other materials you will be reminded of how to find your inner balance to prevent world burnout. And with these ongoing useful tools and applications, you will find your growth to emotional awareness and the ability to operate daily from a positive mindset a much easier practice.

We are the change we wish to see in the world. By shifting our focus to what we truly want to see, we will create a beautiful world of unlimited possibilities.

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