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Alcohol Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

When people stop drinking alcohol and go into a detox center, they'll usually experience withdrawal symptoms during the first few days after they quit. This is because over time, an addicts' body begins to rely on alcohol. When they stop giving the body the substance, it tries to find out what chemicals it’s missing out on - and this is what causes the unpleasant effects of withdrawal.

What makes this worse is that withdrawal is more painful and unpleasant when the addiction is stronger. Some people could experience only a few withdrawal symptoms, whereas others may suffer from many more side effects that could be more dangerous.

What are the effects of alcohol detox withdrawal?

The person going through a withdrawal will often feel shaky, sweaty, depressed and anxious - and they may also experience insomnia (which is when they have trouble sleeping). They may experience changes in their blood pressure, fevers and also a faster heartbeat. They could even experience hallucinations, where they may see and hear things which aren't really there. Also, these effects can differ in different people.

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can begin to come into effect as early as two hours after the addicts' last drink. Often, the symptoms are at their worst within the first (and sometimes even second) day. This is the time when some of the withdrawal symptoms are at their worst.

Because of these unpleasant effects, some addicts may not want to stop drinking. However, there are people who specialise in the treatment of alcohol addiction and they can give you prescription medications to help relieve some of the pain. By lessening the withdrawal symptoms, a person may feel better about the idea of getting rid of their dependency.

What is alcohol withdrawal syndrome?

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can happen when an alcoholic quits drinking and it can trigger life-threatening health complications. Whether they have been drinking for weeks, months, or years it’s possible to experience alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Professional care from a specialized alcohol rehab facility is highly recommended for those who are ready to stop drinking altogether.

Alcohol addiction detox and rehab treatment

Although the idea of recovering may not seem so good with all the negative withdrawal effects, detox and rehabilitation can help many addicts. Most rehab detox facilities begin with a detox (which is when the body is cleared of the alcohol) and during this time, there will be medical experts making sure that the process is as safe and comfortable as possible.

A detox is not the end of the treatment, either. After this process is finished, the patient will receive emotional support via both one-on-one and group therapies to help them to recover mentally, too. This care can also extend past the usual timeframe in the form of aftercare - and this can go even further for those who may be more likely to relapse.

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