Folsom Lake Mutual Water Company (FLMWC) is a non-profit mutual water company incorporated in 1973 under California law, providing water to a majority of homes (Lot 1-102) in the Walden Woods subdivision of Granite Bay, CA.

Distribution System

The current distribution system, which includes water mains, service lines, service boxes, fire hydrants and valves, were originally install in 1975 when Walden Woods Unit 1 was developed. As time progressed, additions were made when Units 2 & 3 were developed. The original system had two independent piping systems, one for domestic water and another for irrigation and fire protection. Domestic water was supplied by wells and irrigation/fire water was pumped from Folsom Lake. Each home had two service connections, one for domestic (drinking) and one for irrigation.

In 1984 with wells drying up and other issues with supply, FLMWC ended up connecting to Placer County Water Agency’s (PCWA) treated water line on Boulder road. Domestic water was supplied by a 2” feed and irrigation/fire water was supplied by a 6” feed. Domestic water still used the storage tanks and pump to feed the domestic mains. As it turned out, this 2” feed was inadequate to supply drinking water demands.

In 1985 the decision was made to connect the small domestic system to the large irrigation main, eliminating the need for the 2” feed, storage tanks and pump. Today, all water supplied distributed by FLMWC comes from a 6” (metered) PCWA supply line.

For most homes there still exists two services connections. A handful of homes have one service connection, which is connected to the larger piping system. Starting in 2014, as homes are sold, FLMWC requires changing to one service line, access to the second service line is disabled.


The FLMWC Board is currently a five-member board, elected annually. These members are volunteers from the community and receive no fiscal compensation for their effort.

FLMWC does not have any employees, but does contract for D1 Operator.

Public Health Permit and Operation

FLMWC holds a permit (CA 3107339) from the State of California to operate a water distribution system.

FLMWC does monthly testing of water for coliform bacteria, annual testing for Disinfection By-products and Lead/Copper testing every three years.