"Feeling the flip in ELT"

The flipped classroom approach has become wider and wider recently, redefining the way a classroom has always been understood. Now it has come the time to ponder about not only students' role in their process of learning, but also teachers' in their process of teaching. Education, and consequently, learning should be flipped.

Considering this context, it is necessary to rethink the learning outcomes. However, teaching should develop to integrate XXI skills and resources, in a social context where everybody is (inter)connected, knowledge is shared and content is just a tap away. Therefore, content needs to be focused towards creation and not merely being instructed.

At this workshop, we will design a flipped learning didactic unit, which can be directly be taken into the classroom and worked with your students. We will also discuss about what flipped classroom really is and the resources and tools to carry it out.

Meeting and sharing together.

Domingo Chica Pardo / @dchicapardo