How to Package Your Products Using Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging refers to a number of packaging materials that change their shape when they are closed or wrapped. This post will concentrate on shrink wrap packaging and poly packaging products. These two offer a number of packaging options that you can use to create cheap moving boxes.

A number of materials can be used to make shrink wrap packaging. Some materials that are commonly used in shrink packaging are Poly Vinyl Chloride, Polyolefin, Polyethylene and Polypropylene. Polyolefin and PVC are regularly used for a number of retail applications whereas Polyethylene shrink wrap is used in heavy retail applications such as packaging of water bottles.

Poly packaging products refers to the use of Polyethylene to package your products. There are a number of forms that Polyethylene comes in and a majority of the retail packaging polyethylene products are produced from Low Mass Polyethylene. These products often offer the ability to be wrapped shut with a heating element or reclosed with a re-closable fastener. You will learn a variety of options of sealing poly bags to give a professional packaging, leaving the poly bags open and using a re-closable poly bag for merchandize packaging.

Shrink Packaging with a Printed Sticker

Shrink packaging with a printed sticker is a highly recommended option if you are presenting a new product or are trying to fill an incoming order while meeting the retailer’s standards. It is a very inexpensive and proficient packaging solution. The cost per package when using shrink wrap is often very low reliant on the type and the size of shrink that is being used.

If you are looking to display and protect your packaged product, then a clear PVC or Polyolefin shrink wrap is the best option to use. The purpose of the printed sticker is to brand the packaged products with your company information; name, logo, product information, company addresses and contact information.

Shrink Packaging with a Printed Carton

If you are looking to use this type of packaging, then your business requires high production levels and high order minimums. One of the most common ways retailers package their products is using a clear shrink film with a printed chipboard carton, ridged carton, or any other type of printed carton.

The shrink film gives you a clear tamper evident packaging that protects your produce whereas the printed cartons contain branding information and they also give your product a professional edge that differentiates it from other products.

Poly Bags with a sticker

This type of packaging ensures that your packaged products have a professional edge and the great news is that it is relatively inexpensive. Unlike shrink wraps that can take shape of your product, poly bags can only be sealed. Poly Bags have become very popular majorly because compared to shrink wraps, they are very cheap.

Poly Bags with Printed Chipboard

This type of packaging offers you a variety of options and is very cost effective. A majority of the stores worldwide use poly bags with printed chipboards to package their products.

The most regularly used form of this type of packaging is the printed and folded chipboard that is often stapled to a poly bag using hanger holes. With consideration to what type of product you are packaging, you can either choose to completely seal your package or use staples as the only form of closure.

Flat printed chipboard with a poly bag is another common form of packaging. You may prefer to place the printed chipboard into an enclosed poly bag with the product behind the chipboard. This way, your brand is on full display as well as a tamper evident packaging that conceals and protects your products.

If you are looking to display your packaged products with no obstructions, then you may want to use small heavier chipboards as tags that are connected to your products. You may choose to completely seal your packaged products or leave them open.