Purple & Gold - A Musical Celebration of Women's Suffrage in SA

In 1894 women achieved the right to vote in general elections and to stand for Parliament in South Australia. This was the culmination of a long and hard fought campaign by women and men from all levels of society. This incredible achievement was the end result of years of campaigning, letter writing, signature gathering and lobbying by men and women in the South Australian community that put their passion into action. Gaining the vote was a huge step towards gender equality in South Australia, and meant that women could participate in public life by having their say at general elections.

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of this groundbreaking achievement, Fleurieu Folk Festival brought together a group of women recognised for their work as musicians, poets and songwriters to develop this special presentation. Written and performed by Adrienne Lovelock, Adrienne Piggott, Bron Lloyd, Caz Williams, Jane Bower, Jen Lush, Jodie Corfield, and Melanie Dancer, 'Purple And Gold' featured new songs and spoken word pieces along with extracts from reports, letters and speeches of the time. Audiovisuals provided a backdrop to the story in this sometimes emotional, often humorous, but always heartfelt celebration of this milestone in our history.

The group was joined on stage by special guests Kim Brown and Steve Lennox.

This performance was supported by the SA Government’s Office for Women, as part of their 125th Anniversary commemorations: Their Triumph, Our Motivation.