We're forever grateful for our intrepid photographers, Ian Fisk, Peter Tea, Samra Teague, Melissa Hobbs, and Derek Tichener for their talent, time, effort and generosity in sharing their wonderful photos with us and allowing us to create a photographic record of the festival to share with you!

Videos are recorded by the Festival and are available to performers at request.


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Check back later - More photos and links to come!


For our 10th Anniversary in 2016 we wanted something really special for our festival poster. And thanks to the amazingly talented Kim Brown (Kimberly Brown Graphic Designers) we got a poster that exceeded our wildest expectations. Kim created another incredible poster for us in 2017.

For those that may not be aware, Kim was the artistic force behind the highly imaginative posters for the Woodford Folk Festival for many years, and his posters became collectors items. We're sure his Fleurieu Folk Festival posters will do likewise!