Although you can find everything you need here at the home page. PLEASE NOTE. All the links are In the wallet and updated regularly. Our GUI is in a constant state of improvement. If you are having problems with your wallet please use the DONT PANIC button in the wallet to check for known issues or If you cant find what you need or a link is 404 please visit the home page linked from withing the wallet. There are alternative links on the site.

We really want everyone to be on the same page so we have centralized the information IN the wallet. At the same time we cant push a new gui every time a site changes. The wallet links are the preferred links. However they are not the only links or options.

Redirects go down sites get relocated. We will maintain current links in the wallet but the site THE FREE GOOGLE SITE will always be here as a backup. We are parked at a free site for a reason.

This is the ONLY site the dev team maintains. We don't have a word press site or any other site. The only other official news will come from our twitter account or from or page at Crypto-city.