Curriculum for Wales development @ Fitzalan

Please use the resources below as a key reference point to deepen your understanding of curriculum reform as we achieve the National Mission.

You will find videos, blog posts, links to training and resources. Look carefully at the questions that you still may not know the answers to to drive forward your professional learning as we work towards September 2022.

What is changing and why?

Why are we so ambitious for education in Wales?

Why is Wales so different in its curriculum ambition?

We are changing the WHOLE education system in Wales so that it ALL works for our pupils.

How have we been working on OUR reform journey as a Pioneer School and Innovation School since 2017?

How have we approached the change?

How have we been approaching professional learning to get us ready?

How have we been developing an enquiry led learning approach with pupils?

Why is Health and Wellbeing so important to us?

How do we create the vision for Health and Wellbeing?

What impact has Covid 19 had on our progress towards achieving Curriculum for Wales in September 2022.

How do we ensure pupils are ready?

What is the priority after Covid?

What do we really mean by a purpose led curriculum?

How does responsive teaching help us understand assessment in CfW?