What's included in your membership

Whatโ€™s included in your membership.

*24/7 - 365 Access

Customer Service on site 65+ hours per week

Fit3D Body Scan

Functional Training Areas

36 Pieces of cardio equipment

Boxing area with 4 heavy bags, 4 speedbags, wall bags, heavy ropes, etc.

2 Nexersys MMA style training machines

Climbing Wall

Over 40 classes per week

Indoor, heated lap pool

Two Infrared Saunas

Supervised playroom

23 Circuit machines

5,000 lbs + Dumbbells (5-150lbs)

3,000 lbs + Olympic plates and bars

25 Olympic benches and plate loaded equipment

2 Smith machines

3 Functional trainers

Kettlebells, Medicine balls, etc.

Showers and daily use lockers

Free Towel Use

***Video Surveillance

Online account access

Android APP


and much more!

*Fit For Life does not guarantee 24/7 access due to our reliance on internet, power, natural disasters, etc. But we do strive to provide 24/7 access. Members under the age of 18 are only allowed in facility during customer service hours.

Daily guests are only allowed in facility during customer service hours.

** Supervised playroom available 90 minutes per day max. Please refer to schedule for times.

***Video surveillance is not to be relied upon for personal safety. Please call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Some equipment may not be available for extended periods of time, without notice, due to repairs and maintenance.

Call or Text 979-245-5535