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Recently, I made a post ..... “I think it's time to let go of what's keeping me held down. It's time to break free!!!” ..........To be continued.....

Well folks I’ll let you in on what’s been going on. Many of you knew I had weight loss surgery back in 2010. I had the lap band done because I was on death's door. It was very successful.... I lost a total of 127 pounds and kept it off for years. I almost hit goal weight until I found out I was pregnant.

Now at that point I was shocked.... I was told I wouldn’t ever be able to have a child. Well, I thank the good Lord He proved my doctors wrong. Well, here we are 8 weeks pregnant and I’m an emotional wreck because I started bleeding. I was in complete pain but I held my faith. So here we go to the E.R .... The doctors told me to be prepared because by the end of this weekend I was probably going to have a miscarriage. Well, again our God proved them wrong. My daddy and so many prayed over me. And as you already know C2 was born!! (My miracle baby)

Now just after birth I was suffering with postpartum depression. I didn’t want to leave my house or my son. I started to gain weight as the years went by. When my son was 3, I told myself I need to go back to my lap band doctor to get my saline put back in my band so I can have restriction when eating. I go to Houston they start slow I getting saline. Well, long story short my band failed me. It no longer works .. so here I have this foreign object in me I can’t use. Here I go into a deep depression gaining weight while destroying my body. My high blood pressure came back... I gained so much weight my body started to break down. My knee started bothering me along with my feet. So here I am still depressed gaining more and more. Went to the doctor because I could barley walk. Now when an old lady with a walker can walk faster then you then you got a problem!! Lol That was my reality... I was told I had two tears in my meniscus.

So we tried pills and nothing would work it got worse. I also suffered from plantar fasciitis. So my left knee was shot and my feet hurt so bad to walk!! I felt like the world was against me. I’ve put on the most weight I ever had. Here I am once again on death's door... I swear I was one foot in the grave! Constantly feeling like any day I was going to die. Until one day the Lord sent me an angel literally! Lol ... My niece, Angel, started her weight loss journey. Sitting here watching her videos, seeing her push the limits, with also knee problems gave me hope. A light came on... everyone around me found away to get strong and healthy, why can’t I?

Well, folks, I made that comment recently on my Facebook. I needed to break free from these struggles this pain, the fear of leaving my husband and son behind. Because I gave up on myself.... I prayed and prayed about it. Not only did I get up and started slow and started working out everyday. I quit everything that was bad for me..... I quit candy, sugars, fried food, ice cream, cookies, breads! I started eating salads, fish, lean meat, veggies! I gave up dinners .... My last meal of the day was at 2pm. I stayed consistent.

First week I dropped 10 pounds!! Second week I lost 6 pounds!! 3rd week I had things going on in my life still ate right but less working out. I only lost 1 pound.... Total of 17 pounds. Tomorrow will be my month and weigh in... I’m so scared to see what this weigh in is! Even if it’s another pound it’s ok it’s not gonna stop me from trying to reach a healthy weight. I came from barely walking to being able to do the elliptical , bike, weights! Through Christ I can do anything!! All I ask of you is keep me in prayer. It’s my struggle... it’s never to late to start your journey. All you need is faith!! Have a blessed Day!

I continue to progress, working out every day at Fit For Life. I like that I can workout any time of day with the 24-hour access, and they have everything! I'm continuing to lose weight, feel better about myself, and have more energy. If I can do it, you can too!