Emily Maria Longoria Perez

"This is my story...

My story goes to show you, behind a smile your life could be crumbling around you and no one knows it.

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First week I dropped 10 pounds!! Second week I lost 6 pounds!! 3rd week I had things going on in my life still ate right but less working out. I only lost 1 pound.... Total of 17 pounds. Tomorrow will be my month and weigh in... I’m so scared to see what this weigh in is! Even if it’s another pound it’s ok it’s not gonna stop me from trying to reach a healthy weight. I came from barely walking to being able to do the elliptical , bike, weights! Through Christ I can do anything!! All I ask of you is keep me in prayer. It’s my struggle... it’s never to late to start your journey. All you need is faith!! Have a blessed Day!

I continue to progress, working out every day at Fit For Life. I like that I can workout any time of day with the 24-hour access, and they have everything! I'm continuing to lose weight, feel better about myself, and have more energy. If I can do it, you can too!

"65,000 steps total so far. I am so impressed with how many steps we take in our group exercise classes!!"~ Angie

"I do a great deal of walking at work. I never knew just how much i did until i started this. I am averaging more than seven miles a day just at work." ~ Chris

"I have taken 68,286 steps this week. I have gone to zumba and to boot camp, both of which have worked me hard and have motivated me to want to continue!"~Ellen

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