Membership Rates

Fit For Life Membership Rates

Text or call us @ 979-245-5535

Single $29 per month total with EFT*

(18-59 years of age)

Couple $55 per month total with EFT*

(Legally wed spouses)

Family $65 per month total with EFT*

(Spouses and legal children 18 and younger, residing at same address)

Senior $25 per month total with EFT*

(60 + years of age)

Student $25 per month total with EFT*

(Full time student, 14-24 years of age, enrolled in FFL recognized school)

Daily $8 per day total

(8:00am-7:00pm Mon.-Fri. & 9:00am-2:00pm Sat. ONLY)

Weekly $15 per week total

(+ one time $5, refundable access card.)

~ Discounts available for 4, 6, and 12 month pre-paid memberships.

~ No sign-up fees, cancellation fees,

annual fees, or access card fees!

(1 free card per year, replacement card is $5.)

*Payment is automatically drafted from your bank or

credit card account each month. No contracts.

Two weeks notice is required, prior to the end of the

month, to process cancellation.

*Payments made monthly via our customer service desk or online carry additional fees.

*All members are required to present photo ID, complete all forms, purchase access card, and make 1st month’s payment prior to activation of membership. Proof of address, marital status, age, or guardianship required as requested.