Day 15

Politics, Paychecks, & Taxes

Day 15 - Politics, Paychecks, & Taxes

Regulation E is a huge law that covers a lot of the class. This introduces the law but we will re-reference it throughout the course.

I-9 is for eligibility to work (NOT citizenship)

In a couple of class periods you will complete a W-4 as part of the IRS Simulation

  1. Personal Spending Record - (Two-week assignment of tracking your expenses)
  2. Video: Zootopia Compulsory Taxes
  3. 01 Paychecks and Tax Forms
    1. Define the terms:
      1. FICA
      2. Social Security
      3. Paycheck
      4. Direct Deposit
      5. Payroll Card
      6. Regulation E
      7. Dependent
      8. I-9
      9. Gross Pay
      10. Net Pay
      11. Deductions
      12. Withholding's
  4. (Journal Questions 1-) Wd-$0
    1. Got Skills? – Check... Got Job? – Check... Got W-4? – What? Wait, how the… If you’re 30 or younger you are going to go through a lot of these. Here’s how to correctly complete a W-4.