Marching Band


The award winning Fitch Falcon Marching Band is a half credit course at FHS. The band rehearsals include band camp, Tuesday/Thursday evenings (530pm-830pm), Saturdays, and home football games. The band can be seen throughout the year at all home football games, local parades, and US Bands competitions across New England. The band welcomes all students who play band instruments, as well as those interested in joining the guard. Please contact Mr. Lefebvre for more information or complete the 2019-2020 Marching Band and Guard Registration Form. Mr. Lefebvre will submit a class roster for eligibility to receive credit.


Pre-Camp Rehearsals

Saturday June 22nd, Saturday July 13th (9am-1pm)

Registration Open!

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Marching Presentation
Band Itinerary

The Fitch Falcon Marching Band is a proud member of USBands.

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A student in the Fitch Falcon Marching Band must be a hard-working and committed individual. Through their dedication they will receive many of the benefits of being in the ensemble. Some of the things that students experience as a member include...

  • Team-building
  • Structured time management (Students do better academically when involved in extracurricular activities.)
  • Development of discipline both individually as well as a group
  • Great addition to a college resume.
  • Increases opportunities for college music scholarships.
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved performance on one’s individual instrument (Students work with trained instructors who specialize on specific instruments)
  • Extended family
  • A mind challenged on many different levels simultaneously (Appeals to Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence)
  • Strengthened memorization strategies
  • Traveling
  • Increased physical condition
  • Perform for thousands of people
  • Life-long memories
  • Leadership training and development skills