We invite you to celebrate Halloween / Kekri in the traditional American way again this year: trick-or-treating! On Sunday 31 October from 16-20, kids of all ages can get dressed up in costumes and walk around the village getting candy from participating houses and businesses. Welcome to everyone, local to Fiskars and otherwise.

This will be COVID safe, as it's done outside, and people can wear masks as part of their costumes.

Halloween has both Pagan and Christian roots. It is both a celebration and a remembrance of the dead. (Here's a great short video on the history of the holiday, and here's an animated one). We have a number of activities planned, intended for anyone (kids and adults, Fiskars locals and visitors), and will lead up to the main trick-or-treating event on Sunday.

2021 Schedule Overview

Wednesday 20 October, 18:00-20:00. Jack-O-Lantern Carving Workshop at Pesula

Friday 22 October, 18:00. Movie Night at Pesula: Nightmare Before Christmas

Wednesday 27 October & Thursday 28 October, 16:00. Two Day Mask Making Workshop at Pesula

Saturday 30 October, 17:00. English-language Haunted Tour of Mustio Manor

Saturday 30 October (after Frank Frank Frank show). Grown Ups Halloween Costume Dance Party at Pesula

Sunday 31 October 15:00 - 17:00. Face painting / Haunted House at Partiokolo

Sunday 31 October, 16:00-20:00. Trick-or-Treating!!

Trick-or-Treat 2021

As is traditional, the main event is the trick-or-treating on October 31, this year it's a Sunday from 16 - 20.

Anytime before 31 October sign up here: if you would like kids to trick-or-treat at your house. The more people who join in, the more fun it is for the kids. So please sign up to be on the map!

For those of you further from the downtown area, you are welcome to come for "trunk-or-treating" (or we can invent a Finnish take and have "tent-or-treating") in the parking lot next to Pesula. Please still sign up so we know how many spaces need to be reserved.

Pick-up a pumpkin sign from Pesula anytime during the week to put on your door, or carve a jack-o-lantern and have it lit and in front of your door to show trick-or-treating kids that you’re participating.

On Halloween!

The map of participating locations will be available to pick up from Pesula, Partikalo, and a digital version will be here so trick-or-treaters can plan their walk. We suggest starting in the downtown area as the participating businesses will only be open until 17.

Remember a bag / basket / pillowcase for each kid to collect candy!

Jack-O-Lantern Carving Workshop at Pesula

Wednesday 20 October, 18:00-20:00.

Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins (or watermelons) carved and lit with candles placed outside, are the visual hallmark of Halloween. We hope to display jack-o-lanterns around Pesula and the Fiskars downtown, as well as encourage houses participating in the trick-or-treating on Sunday October 31 to place one outside to show their participation. We'll have a special prize for the "funniest" and "scariest" jack-o-lanterns displayed on Halloween, whether they're made in our workshop or not.

At this workshop we'll provide some tools, templates, and guidance, as well as pumpkins at-cost if you sign up in advance.

Sign up here.

Movie Night at Pesula: Nightmare Before Christmas

Friday 22 October, 18:00.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) is a classic Halloween movie by Tim Burton (Finnish wikipedia link here), rated PG (suitable for ages 8+ according to the UK Film certification guidance). In Halloween Town Jack Skelllington, the Pumpkin King, becomes bored with Halloween and decides to try his hand at Christmas.

There will be popcorn, and seats are available to reserve, or come and bring a pillow to sit on. Free, with popcorn and drinks for sale, donations for the Halloween Club accepted.

Reserve a seat here.

Two Day Mask Making Workshop at Pesula

Wednesday, 27 October & Thursday, 28 October, 16:00.

Come and make a mask for Halloween. We'll have paper, supplies, and patterns for some amazing Wintercroft masks (more complicated ones definitely need at least 2-4 hours of time) and some easier Dia de los muertos (day of the dead) masks. Start your mask one day, finish it the next. No sign-up needed, just come by!

Haunted Tour of Mustio Manor in English

Saturday, 30 October 17:00.

Group English-language haunted tour of Mustio Manor. Because we couldn’t arrange a Fiskars tour for non-Finnish speakers this year, Erica and some other English speakers will be heading to Mustio Manor for their Halloween tour. Up to 15 folks can join. Email Erica if you want to come.

Rides can be arranged. We’ll leave Fiskars around 16, and return by 19. They also have a Halloween dinner, which you can book separately here.

Also, for Finnish-speakers, there will be haunted tours in Fiskars all day (not organized by us, but sound cool)

Grown Ups Halloween Dance Party at Pesula

Saturday, 30 October
(after concert)

Wear a costume! Come and dance! Prize for best costume!

Face painting / Haunted House at Partiokolo

Sunday, 31 October, 15:00-17:00.

Come pick up a trick or treating map, make a quick mask, or get your face painted. There will be some Halloween themed activities and games.

Trick or Treating!!

Sunday, 31 October, 16:00-20:00.

Trick-or-treating in Fiskars village! Families and kids of all ages from Fiskars and elsewhere can pick up trick-or-treating maps at Pesula, Partiokolo, or find a digital map here.

The map will show the participating houses, so you can plan your walk. We suggest starting in the downtown area as the participating businesses will only be open until 17.

Remember a bag / basket / pillowcase for each kid to collect candy!

Other Raasepori Area Events:

How to Trick-or-Treat

This is what American Halloween is all about for kids and families. Kids of all ages can participate, but younger kids usually have a parent or adult accompanying them, also in costume. (Even a simple mask and wearing some fun clothes can save you the shame of being *that* adult without a costume.)

As trick-or-treaters, kids get dressed up in a costume and walk around in groups of friends or family, with younger kids accompanied by an adult. When they come to a participating house (indicated by having Halloween decorations up and an outside light on), they knock on the door. When the door is opened, they say "trick-or-treat!" and are given candy (usually a small candy bar, or individually wrapped piece of candy; can also be something home-made like cookies) which they carry in a bag, pillowcase, or basket.

If you want to give out candy, but don't want to interact with kids, you can also leave a bowl of candy outside your door. The people giving out candy can also dress up in costume.

For those further from the village center who want to participate, you're welcome to come do trunk-or-treating in the parking lot next to Pesula. Decorate your car, dress up in costume, and give candy to delighted and costumed kids!

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes and decorations traditionally include skulls, bats, witches, black cats, spiders, gravestones, skeletons, ghosts, vampires, zombies, wolves, pumpkins, and the like. Costumes can be drawn from these classic themes or be anything at all. You could go as a fairy or a cat or a celebrity or a cartoon character or whatever. Bizarre and creative is definitely part of the culture and welcome! Whatever makes you happy, there are no rules.

Who We Are

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