Group Facilitation

I have played an active role in group facilitation efforts since being a junior in college. I am trained in skilled dialog and vary my approach to planning based upon the needs of the partner group, business, or community. No cookie cutter solutions here. All sessions are different, so cost depends on total time spent on the project.

As an example, a group requests a strategic planning session for their board of directors. They have provided some background information and previous planning documents while also recommending four or five stakeholders who can provide additional insight into the organization and industry. After all information is gathered and shared with meeting participants, we would come together for planning (6-8 hours) before I create a plan that can be shaped and molded as goals and objectives change. Here is how the cost would breakdown for such a situation:

Preliminary information gathering (6 hours): $600

Planning session (8 -14 hours): $1,200 - $2,100

Plan creation and submission (5 - 8 hours): $1000

Annual Follow-up consultation (1+ hour): Free

Any applicable state and local taxes: Varies

Total project cost range: $3,000 - $4,000

Of course all situations and budgets are different, so please give me a call to discuss your specific goals and organizational needs.