Audio Legacy

voices are our legacies

For many of us, telling our story can be a bit daunting. We might not feel our story is worth telling, or be comfortable telling it to people we don't know. That's where we come in. We base our business on relationships and build a genuine trust with our clients before helping them leave a legacy. Here is the process we use to get the job done with integrity and passion.

Step 1: Who do you want to honor?

We determine the people and stories you'd like to record for future generations. A lot of great ideas come from looking at old photos and scrapbook pages.

Step 2: Project Scope

Do you just want this to be a recorded conversation between you and a loved one? Some people want many people involved (deer camp, pheasant hunt, clubs or groups, etc). We'll talk project, process, and budget before submitting a final proposal to you.

Step 3: Setting up the Interview

After proposal is accepted, we will set interview dates, locations, and begin gathering content. We will want the stories you identified in Step 1, along with any other people who might be important to the conversation/story.

Step 4: Let the recording begin

With your help and feedback along the way, we begin the process. Interviews, digitizing, designing, and editing. I want this to be something you are proud of...something you and your family can cherish for generations.

Step 5: Celebrate a final product!

I will send you as many files as you would like (high quality WAV, MP3, etc) either digitally, on USB drive, or on CD. The files will be held securely in our cloud-based server in case you should ever lose them.