Work with Fishing Buddy Studios

How it works...

Working with Fishing Buddy Studios is not a cookie cutter experience. Each potential partner project is like a snowflake or fingerprint. They all bring unique circumstances, budgets, voices, and goals. We want to work with you to tell your story, preserve legacies, build brands, or promote great people and places through audio. We take great pride in relationships and quality work. When you are ready to talk about your goals, give us a call. We look forward to working with you!!!

Audio LEgacies

Preserver voices of people you care about before they are no longer with us.

Memory MOntage

Helping a large group of people send a very personal message to someone they care about.


Content creation, press releases, emails, newsletters, websites...I can put words together, or help edit what you have already created.

Group Facilitation

Strategic Planning sessions, board meetings, community leadership cookie cutter approaches allowed.