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  • ANTI-CORROSION MATERIAL - The effective fish catching lure is made from durable material including a anti-corrosion coated metal, 3D inserted eyes, rigid clear light cover and a strong split ring.
  • INNOVATIVE BUILT-IN LED - is water activated, turns on automatically when it hits the water and automatically shuts off when out of water to save power.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Works in both FRESHWATER and SALTWATER. In freshwater, you can fish it for BASS, TROUT, WALLEYE, PERCH and PIKE. In saltwater, it brings you HALIBUT, SWORDFISH, TUNA and DORADO, etc.
  • DRIVES FISH-CRAZY - RED, GREEN, WHITE & BLUE alternately flash. Up to a 200-hours life span.
  • PACK OF 2 - Each weighs 1/3 oz. and measures 2.55 Inches. Add a hook or combine with your favorite lure. Hard to find another lure with such a wide range use.

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