Welcome to my Economics research profile. 

My research studies the international production and global sourcing decisions of firms, and related questions of trade policy. I have also worked on topics of competition, collusion, and consumer protection. This website gives an overview of my research publications.

I am not active in academics today but more than happy to receive your messages at fischerthoene[at]gmail.com.


1) International Trade

Trade Policy along the Global Value Chain: A Rationale for the Evolution of Deep Trade Agreements
Working Paper,  2023 (with Hartmut Egger)

Optimal Payment Contracts in Trade Relationships
International Economic Review, 2023
Published Paper

Increasing Resistance to Globalization: The Role of Trade in Tasks
European Economic Review, 2020 (with Hartmut Egger)
Published Paper

Supplier Search and Rematching in Global Sourcing – Theory and Evidence from China
In: New Developments in Global Sourcing, MIT Press, 2018 (with Fabrice Defever and Jens Südekum)
Published Paper

Relational Contracts and Supplier Turnover in the Global Economy
Journal of International Economics, 2016 (with Fabrice Defever and Jens Südekum)
Published Paper, Online Appendix

2) Industrial Organization

Complex Pricing and Consumer-Side Attention
R&R, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2023 (with Alexander Rasch and Tobias Wenzel)
Working Paper

Collusion and Bargaining in Asymmetric Cournot Duopoly – An Experiment
European Economic Review, 2019 (with Hans-Theo Normann)
Published Paper, Online Appendix

There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs.

― Thomas Sowell