Fiscal Oversight Training 2023

Fiscal Oversight Presentation 2022.pdf

Today's Presentation

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In-Class Quizzes and Activities

MYP Sample for Activity

This MYP has been included in a Second Interim budget packet and received by your office for review.    Working in a group, prepare an analysis of key concerns and how you may address them via correspondence with the district or other resources you may use to verify your concerns.

Sample District MYP 2022 UFO.pdf
Sample District Assumptions UFO.pdf

Emergency Appropriation Districts

Insolvency Flowchart 2020.pdf
Emergency Appropriation Districts 3.24.23.pdf
Administrator Role and Definition - Copy.docx
Trustee Role and Definition.docx

Fiscal Oversight Guide


Sample Letters - Budget and LCAP Approval

Budget & LCAP Board Letter - Approval.docx
Budget & LCAP Board Letter - Conditional Budget Approval.docx
Adopted Budget Approval after initial conditional approval letter.docx
Adopted Budget Conditional Approval.docx
Budget Approval after initial disapproval Letter .docx
Conditional Budget Approval letter.docx
Disapproved budget due to LCAP letter.docx
Disapproved Budget.docx

Sample Letters - Interim and Lack of Going Concern

Annual Summary AB 139 - Long 2.0.docx
Annual Summary AB 139 - Short 2.0.docx
Budget Reduction Resolution.docx
Change Positive to Qualified Interim Letter.docx
Change Qualified to Negative 2nd interim letter.docx
Concurrence with Qualified Certification 2.docx
Concurrence with Qualified Certification.docx
Fiscal Advisor and Expert-Role and Definition.docx
Interim Review Reponse 2.0.docx
Lack of Going Concern 1.docx
Lack of going concern 2.docx
Lack of Going Concern 3.docx
Negative Second Interim Concurrence.docx
Stay and Rescind.docx

Sample Letter - Non-Voter Approved Debt

Non-Voter-Approved Debt Review 2.0.docx

Sample Review Checklists

zz Adopted Budget Review Checklist.xls
zz Unaudited Actuals Review Checklist.xlsx
zz Interim Review Checklist.xlsx
AB1200 Review 2018-19 Second Interim TEMPLATE .xlsx
18-19 1st Interim Review Worksheet.xlsx
18-19 2nd Interim Review Worksheet.xlsx
19-20 Budget Adoption Review Worksheet.xlsx
1819 UA checklist.docx
2019-20 Budget Checklist.docx
Unaudited Actuals Review Checklist 17-18.xls
Sample Budget review Marin.xlsx
Master {District Initials} {YYYY-YY} Financial Review for all Periods.xlsx
2019-20 Budget Checklist.docx

Public Disclosure of Collective Bargaining Agreement Resources

ab1200-_2756Revised20190606 (1).xlsx
Public Disclosure of Collective Bargaining Response 2.0.docx
Collective Bargaining Agreement -- form letter with concerns.docx

Other Resources

FCMAT Indicators 8-14-19.pdf