The Ceremony

In reality, a marriage is a legal contract about which the State is very much concerned. It has all the ramifications of property ownership, responsibilities for children, legal inheritance and so forth.

As Christians we believe that there is much more to the relationship between partners than a mere legal contract: the vows of fidelity and mutual commitment, the love they promise to each other and the concern of the community for their future as part of the people of God.

The wedding service itself should be a reflection of what we feel and believe about marriage...that we are worshiping God in these acts; that God has provided guidance and blessing for the home; and, because of what two individuals bring to this relationship, there is joy and support from all who gather to bless this union. You are two people standing with family and friends to make public your vows to one another and then sealing them with visual evidences of your relationship. Those who gather with you are to be reminded that God created us to enjoy intimacy in our most significant human relationship that is founded upon Christ’s relationship with the church, his body.

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Our Facility

Our building was built in 1889 and has gone through several renovations over the years. Our sanctuary holds 250 comfortably and is handicap accessible via our elevator entrance off the parking lot. Our Westminster Room, adjacent to the sanctuary, can be used as a bridal dressing room or a staging area for the wedding party. Our downstairs contains several classrooms which could be used as well and we also offer our nursery for childcare during the wedding (for an additional fee). Our Fellowship Hall downstairs can be reserved for receptions for 100 or less guests (for an additional fee). We have a piano and organ available for the ceremony.

Due to the difficulty of removal, the use of rice or confetti is discouraged; however, bird seed or bubbles are acceptable outside only. Alcohol is prohibited on church property and smoking is not allowed inside the church facilities. There is a small fee to members for the use of the sanctuary for a wedding and non-members are expected to reimburse the church for its use based on the fee schedule provided with your application. All fees must be paid 30 days in advance.


Westminster Room

Fellowship Hall