Fabulous First Grade Scholars


  • Parent’s Visitation and Parent Forum – 9/19 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am

  • IAS Care Week – 9/16 – 9/20

  • PTO Sparkles Skate Night – 9/20 at 7:00 pm

  • 4.5 Weeks progress reports are available in the Parent Portal

  • September 23rd-27th- Fall Break/School Closed for Students


IAS First Fundraiser of the Year

We've started our fall fundraiser and your involvement is needed more than ever! We would love to make this our biggest product fundraiser this school year, which is possible with your help! You can support the fundraiser by any of the following:

a.) Purchase items out of the catalog for you and your family.

b.) Share your fundraiser on social media, by email, or text.

The website to order online is www.ShopFund.com.

Ask neighbors, coworkers, friends & others to purchase and show their support. Please know that your assistance this year will make a huge difference and thank you in advance for your participation in the fundraiser!

We will hit our fundraising goal if your family sells just 10 items.

September 16th - October 1st

Talisha Stroud



Join PTO today! The cost of family membership is $10 for the first member and $5 for each additional member. The first homeroom at each grade level to reach 100% participation, will have a pizza party.

Volunteers are needed

Parents, we need your help in the library, cafeteria and classrooms. It takes a community to make IAS successful. Hours are Monday-Friday between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm. To volunteer, send an email to gosharkspto@gmail.com with your availability. All volunteers are required to complete mandatory training and it must be completed annually. The link for training is http://www.iasmyrna.org/volunteering.

School Pictures

School pictures were given to each student. Picture money is due no later than Friday, 9/20. If you choose not to purchase the package, the entire picture package is required to be returned by Friday, September 20. ALL money and/or proof of online payment must be returned in the remittance envelope provided by Strawbridge in each packet. The envelope should be filled out completely…please double check for accuracy. If payment was made online, directly to Strawbridge Studios only the confirmation code is required on the remittance envelope for proof of purchase. Please DO NOT submit payment envelopes that are not complete and sealed shut. We want to make sure each family is accounted for during this process.

PICTURE DAY RETAKES WILL TAKE PLACE ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2019. If your student was not present during pictures or if you are not satisfied with your current pictures, this will be the final day to take pictures.

Talisha Stroud



Have you heard about what's happening in ASP? If not, check out our GOALS. ( Greatness On All Level S). To participate in these after school activities, your scholar(s) must attend the ASP program on the days of participation. The cost is $8/day plus the ASP registration fee ($25/individual or $40/family). You will only pay for the days your scholar attends the activity.

ASP Enrichment Programs

IAS has partnered with After Art & ELW Basketball again this year. If you are interested in your student participating in art and/or basketball please use the following information to register.

After Art:

Email: donnabinns250@gmail.com

Website: www.afterartist.weebly.com

ELW Future Stars Basketball:

Email: elwfuturestarsinfo@gmail.com

Website: www.elwfuturestars.com

Registration: https://forms.gle/p2zc5kL4abqqgP8R8


September 16 – September 20

Encouraging Scholars to be Grateful, Kind and Compassionate

$5.00 Donations for the people of the Bahamas

Daily Themes

Monday, September 16

Be Thankful – Care begins with gratitude. Students and staff will focus on gratitude, expressing thanks and appreciation for all things.

Tuesday, September 17

Be Kind to Yourself – We can’t help others if we don’t take care of ourselves. Focus on ways to care for oneself: physical, mental, social-emotional.

Wednesday, September 18

Compassion at School – How do we show compassion at school? Random acts of kindness for classmates and staff, care for school facilities, and demonstrations of school pride.

Remember $5.00 donations to the Red Cross for Hurricane Dorian relief.

· Hurricane Dorian was the strongest hurricane on record hit the Bahamas — and one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record.

· The Sept. 2019 storm caused extensive flooding that damaged homes and infrastructure on the northwest islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama, as well as widespread power outages.

· The death toll in the Bahamas has risen to 50 people. It's expected to rise further — 2,500 people are missing, according to the country's National Emergency Management Agency. The UN says more than 70,000 people on Abaco and Grand Bahama need lifesaving assistance.

Thursday, September 19

Compassion Nationally – Who are the community helpers in our country? How do we demonstrate tolerance and understanding differences?

Friday, September 20

Compassion Globally – We’re all connected! Fundraiser for the Bahamas - $5.00 donations for the Red Cross.


Open House Agenda


Weekly Quiz Reminders


We give scholars the following quizzes weekly (based on the skills taught for that week):

Spelling Quiz

Comprehension Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz

Phonics Quiz

Math Quiz

Essential Agreements

School Wide Rules

I am Respectful by:

•Raising my hand to speak or to leave my seat.

•Keeping my hands, feet, and other objects to myself.

•Taking care of school and personal property.

•Using kind words.

•Listening to the speaker.

I am Responsible by:

•Following all directions.

•Keeping my things neat and organized.

•Not making excuses for mistakes.

I am Ready to Learn by:

•Working Quietly

•Having my supplies ready

•Completing my homework and classwork on time.

First Grade Schedule

7:10 - 7:45 Breakfast/Morning Work

7:45 - 7:50 Announcements

7:50 - 8:00 Morning Meeting

8:00 - 8:45 Specials

8:45 - 9:45 Science/S.S./Writer's Workshop

9:45 - 10:45 Reading/ELA

10:45 - 11:15 Mrs. Dixon and Mrs. Thomas -Lunch

10:48-11:18 Ms. Austin and Ms. Endozo- Lunch

11:15 - 12:00 Reading/ELA ILT/EIP

12:00 - 12:30 Recess

12:30 - 1:30 Math

1:30 - 2:15 Math ILT/EIP

2:15 - 2:30 Restroom Break

2:30 - 2:45 Snack, Pack Up

2:45 - 3:30 Carpool

Uniform Policy


***More details on the bottom of the page!


We will offer grade level tutoring for scholars every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30.

*Start Date- September 4th

The signup below is for

September 11th and 12th.

Our Limit is 10 scholars for our grade level per day.



Social Studies Standards


Math Standards


Science Standards


Reading/ELA Standards


Sight Words by Grade Level to Practice!


First Grade Journeys Spelling Words and Vocabulary Words for Units 1 and 2

Reading Week At A Glance

Lesson 1

PowerPoint Presentation.pdf

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

Lesson 4


Lesson 5


Lesson 6


Lesson 7

Reading Weekly Family Connections

Journeys My Journey Home_ Family Connection_Week1.pdf

What is a Pal? Family Connection

Journeys My Journey Home: Family Connection, G1.pdf

The Storm Family Connection


Curious George Goes to School Family Connection


Lucia's Neighborhood Family Connection


Gus Takes The Train Family Connection


Jack and The Wolf Family Connection

How Animal Communicate

Math Weekly Newsletters

Lesson 1.pdf

Lesson 1 Parent Letter

Lesson 2.pdf

Lesson 2 Parent Letter

Lesson 3.pdf

Lesson 3 Parent Letter

Lesson 4.pdf

Lesson 4 Parent Letter

Lesson 5.pdf

Lesson 5 Parent Letter

Lesson 6.pdf

Lesson 6 Parent Letter

Lesson 7.pdf

Lesson 7 Parent Letter

Links to Specials and Support

Specials Link

Support Link

Uniforms Policy

The objective of a dress code is to help establish an environment of learning, self-confidence, discipline, and responsibility. A school dress code policy can contribute to improving and promoting a positive school climate. Dress and appearance play a significant role in doing so. School climate can also play a significant role in reducing security threats and improving school safety. The intent is to keep students safe and focused on academics. Students should exemplify proper dress and grooming in a manner that projects an appropriate and positive image for the student and the school.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and require uniform assistance, please contact Michele Jones @ michele.jones@iasmyrna.org.

Uniform Requirements & Approved Vendor

The school has partnered exclusively with Uniform Source for shirts, sweaters, blazers, and P.E. uniforms. These items must be purchased directly from Uniform Source.

Grades K-4 will wear the standard hunter green IAS polo shirt.

Grades 5-6 Global Academy ONLY can wear white or navy IAS polo shirt.

Khaki uniform bottoms (khaki pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, jumpers) may be purchased from any vendor that sells uniform pants or skirts, such as Walmart, Target, Old Navy, etc. NOTE: Cargo pants/shorts, skinny pants, leggings or capris are not allowed.

*** All grades must purchase P.E. uniforms with logos from Uniform Source.

NEW!!! Dress for Success Wednesdays (ALL GRADES): Starting this school year, 2019-2020, all scholars will wear a white button-down shirt with a necktie/tie and khaki bottoms. Tennis shoes/sneakers are not allowed on Dress for Success Wednesdays. The oxford shirts do not have to have the IAS Logo. The logo is optional.


  • White button-down shirt
  • Khaki pants, skirts, jumpers or skorts (No shorts)
  • Black or brown casual shoes
  • Black, brown or white solid socks or tights
  • Plaid crisscross tie or navy blue solid tie (K-4)
  • Plaid crisscross tie, navy blue crisscross tie or navy blue solid tie (Global Academy)


  • White button-down shirt
  • Khaki pants (no shorts)
  • Black or brown casual shoes
  • Black, brown or white solid socks
  • Navy blue solid tie

*** Uniform skirts should be of appropriate length (approximately 4 fingers length from knees).


Daily standard uniforms and PE days:

  • Black or brown casual shoes
  • All black/predominantly black tennis shoes
  • All white/predominantly white tennis shoes/sneakers

Dress for Success Wednesdays

  • Black or brown casual shoes

Assessments and Grading

Teachers and administrators use multiple assessments throughout the year. There is not a single assessment that can be used to define a child’s success. Assessments are essential to understanding the development of individual scholars and to assist in making decisions to best meet their needs.

-Family Handbook

Universal Screener


IAS has vetted i-Ready as its universal screening assessments that will be administered to all students.

This online diagnostic and instruction program is currently used by districts across the nation.

*More Information Below

Benchmark and Unit Assessments

We will administer common subject assessments to note scholars’ progress on identified content standards. The purpose of the assessment is to provide us with information regarding scholars’ mastery of the content. Analysis and review of Benchmark Assessments will allow us to consider ways to adjust and personalize instruction for scholars.

For example is our 1st unit benchmarks and unit assessments:

  • Phonics Unit 1 Benchmark
  • Reading and Analyzing Text Unit 1 Benchmark
  • Grammar Unit 1 Test
  • Unit 1 Math Test
  • Patriotism Unit Test
  • Plants and Animals Unit Test

Weekly Assessments

We will give the following each week to identify our scholars progress on the content for each subject. We will use this to monitor students and their needs before our Benchmark and Unit test.

  • Spelling Quiz
  • Comprehension Quiz
  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Phonics Quiz
  • Math Lesson Quiz

I-Ready Overview for Families

i-Ready PD Family Guide 2019.pdf
i-Ready PD Family Guide Spanish 2019.pdf

Grade Book Guidelines

For all grade level courses/subjects, the following assessment guidelines apply.





Grading Scale

A: 90-100

B: 80-89

C: 70-79

D: 60-69

F: 0-59