"Build your own table so that you, your children or any of your loved ones won't have  to beg,  

dilute their excellence or compromise their values and human dignity for a seat at someone else's table."

- Shatoyia Jones, Founder / CEO / Director of Operations/ Principal Wealth Education, Equitable Opportunity Access & Poverty Reduction Specialist


Habari / 你好 / Hola / 你好 / Bonjou/  أهلا / Bonjour / እው ሰላም ነው /  HelloWelcome to First Generation Wealth Builders, formerly First Ladies of Poverty Foundation5 Stages to Building Generational Wealth™GENERATIONAL POVERTY ENDS & GENERATIONAL HEALING BEGINS HERE.Full Service Generational Wealth Building Options / Customized Mentoring Experiences for First Generation Wealth Builders & Second Generation Wealth Builders

      At First Generation Wealth Builders, formerly First Ladies of Poverty Foundation, we define poverty as living paycheck-to-paycheck and lacking the mental/physical/spiritual/financial capacities to serve as a positive contributor to the society in which you reside and the family in which you live and serve.


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     Where are you right now in your journey / what stage are you in? Where do you want to be? What do you need to get there? Where do you need mentorship? What resources or support do you need at this time? Which of our programs and mentors would best get you there. When would you like to get there? What's your budget right now?

      These are the questions we will be answering  to create your unique, customized plan of action in alignment with our signature program, 5 Stages to Building Generational Wealth™, to a higher quality of living and financial peace when you schedule a virtual meeting with wealth education consultant, opportunity access and poverty reduction specialist, Shatoyia Jones.  Get the most from your hard work, time, money, energy and skillsets, increase the quality of your network and associations and live a life doing more of what you love and less of what you don't. You Work Hard for Your Money. Customize your path to a higher standard of living & financial peace, and learn the Skills & Access the Opportunities Necessary to Put Your Money to Work Hard for You. 

  • learn about the different stages of wealth building, where you are and what you need to move to the next stage

  • learn how to speak "money" language and become financially literate

  • stay current with traditional forms and new, up and coming forms of investing & best time to leverage

  • learn different forms of capital & ways to secure funding for personal/professional/entrepreneurial aspirations

  • learn how to effectively apply this knowledge by setting goals and actively working to achieve them every week with the guidance and support of a wealth education consultant and experienced finance, business and/or investing mentor
Virtual Wealth Building Circles & Coaching Sessions
A big piece of the puzzle alongside accessing the education and opportunity is putting yourself in an environment where your mind can be watered, ideas planted, and you can bloom alongside other wealth builders on a consistent basis. Register for an upcoming virtual generational wealth circle, an in-person generational wealth bootcamp or invite us to host a bootcamp in your community!
1:1 Private Coaching Sessions
The secret is out. The shortcut to building wealth (and virtually anything else that you desire to be successful in) is MENTORSHIP.
If you desire to have 1:1, personalized support on your wealth building journey, as well as a professional mindset, finance/financial planning, business and/or investing accountability partner, book a 1:1 private coaching call today!
Membership: Bundle & Save
Want a little bit of everything? Bundle and save on your wealth building journey with us. Become a member to access wealth building circles and coaching sessions, access our incubator and accelerator program, online and in-person bootcamps, coaching sessions, lifetime product and service discounts, job opportunities, investment opportunities and so much more!
FGWB is Coming a City Near You!Sign up for a  generational wealth bootcamp near your city or online!

Coming to a city near you! Sign up for a generational wealth bootcamp near your city or online!

First Generation Wealth Builders, formerly First Ladies of Poverty Foundation

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