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First Aid Training in Australia

Every year, thousands of Australians fall victim to medical conditions, accidents and other unprecedented events and although many are able to receive the help that they need; some aren’t. Over the years, and in an effort to provide better assistance when these incidents occur, more and more people are turning to first aid training.

With these skills, emergency care can be given to those in need and in many cases, this care alone can be more than enough to save lives. But as popular as the training sessions can be, many consider going into the industry as trainers themselves – in an effort to educate others when it comes to saving lives, but also to pursue a sustainable career that will always be in demand.

Licensed qualified first aid trainers

There are several steps involved when considering becoming a licensed and qualified trainer – and the first step is to ensure that you have the relevant first aid certificate. Without it, you’ll need to undergo a course in order to obtain an up to date one. This is a prerequisite that all aspiring trainers are expected to possess, but they will also need a certificate in Training Assessment, which is often referred to using the code IV TAA40104.

The next step isn’t always an obligation, but it can be a vital addition to the training process and it involves a certain amount of experience with adult training. This could be as part of another course, or as a responsibility based on your current career. Most experience can be helpful and all will be considered.

Levels of expertise with first aid training

The higher your expertise in the field of first aid, the easier it can be to proceed as a trainer. The greater your competence, the more likely it will be for you to be able to achieve the skills required to be a trainer. You will also have to be over the age of 18 and be willing to submit your identity in full for a police check. This check can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month – and once you have the formal documentation to acknowledge that you are clear from a legal perspective, you’ll be able to pursue the next step.

How to get formal qualifications to be a first aid trainer

In order to receive your formal qualification and go on to become a licensed trainer, you will require an up to date driving license and this is a prerequisite of the certificate itself. Once qualified, you’ll be permitted to provide training to those that are hoping to learn the skills that you will now have to offer.

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