About me

I'm a qualified Management Accountant, Financial Adviser and Business Plan Writer. Overall I have over eight years’ experience of working, managing and helping several businesses. Contact me today and we will see how I would help your business.

Reasons for choosing me

  • I offer 20 minutes free consultation
  • Eight years' experience in advising on accountancy, payroll, pension, business plans and tax planning
  • I can provide business services regardless of your location, for example we can meet on Skype
  • 90% of my business plans and financial reports are completed within five working days
  • Confidentiality is my priority; clients' ​data is protected and managed according with the General Data Protection Regulation, ICO reg Z278171X


My mission is to provide comprehensive business, accountancy and tax services. My role is to explain financial jargon so entrepreneurs can understand it and make corporate decisions. My core values are professionalism, confidentiality and honesty.