Fire Sphere

Fire Pits

Fire Sphere's are unique hand-cut works of art by artist Leon Potterton. No two are exactly alike as each creation is hand drawn. Fire Sphere's are recycled steel sculptures enjoyable to view by day and especially enjoyable at night under the stars with friends and family. The constant movement and change of fire is both soothing and exciting, the perfect backdrop for tall tales, quiet reflections or intimate moments.

The raised sphere allows you to sit comfortably without having to lean forward to stay warm. Keep your feet toasty, tucked below the rim of the sphere and basic in the full body radiance that a raised Fire Sphere offers.

Leon's a recently retired Steamfitter, certified Welder and a Weld Inspector which now allows his time to pursue his artistic talents working with recycled metals.

Samples of Designs

Beautiful yard sculpture during day and at night it transforms into a stunning yard installation that will intrigue your guest.