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A fire extinguisher can be a life-saving tool. You can use it to put out small fires or to suppress larger fires while you get out of harm’s way. However, you might not know which type is best for your home or even know how to use one. Fortunately, it’s easy to learn. A fire extinguisher can be one of two types: disposable or rechargeable. There are a few differences, but they both function the same. First of all, you can reuse a rechargeable extinguisher after you use it. If you get a disposable extinguisher, you have to replace it after you use it. A rechargeable one also has metal valves, and a disposable one has plastic valves. Lastly, the rechargeable type costs more upfront. However, it’s cheaper to refill it than to replace a disposable extinguisher.

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Fire Extinguisher Classes

When you’re looking for a fire extinguisher, you’ll notice the letters A, B or C on the labels. These are the different classes, and extinguishers can have a combination of these letters too. Each one shows you the types of fires that you can use them f

A-class extinguishers are for cloth, paper and wood.

B-class extinguishers are for flammable and combustible liquids such as gasoline, grease, oil-based paint and oil.

C-extinguishers are for electrical devices such as appliances, tools and other plugged-in equipment.

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When a fire extinguisher has a combination of these letters, you can use it to fight all of those fire types. If one has an A and a C, for example, then you can use it for cloth, paper, wood and electrical devices. Most stores sell multipurpose extinguishers that you can use for all three fire classes

Fire Extinguisher Docs

Along with these classes, are D and K classes. D-class extinguishers are for flammable metals. They’re more for factory use. K-class extinguishers are for animal oils, fats and vegetable oils in cooking appliances. They’re more for commercial kitchen use

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Choosing the Right Type and Size

If you’re getting a fire extinguisher for your home or business, you should get one that you can use on any type of fire. It’s the best way to be prepared. Fire agencies even recommend that you have an extinguisher on every floor of your home or business

The next decision that you have to make is the size. You can find fire extinguishers that are two, five and 10 pounds. The best option is to get a size that your family feels comfortable lifting and using

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