Fire Inventories: Regional Evaluation, Comparison, and Metrics

FIRECAM is an online app for end-users to diagnose and explore regional differences in fire emissions from five global fire emissions inventories:

    1. Global Fire Emissions Database (GFEDv4s) | van der Werf et al. (2017, ESSD)
    2. Fire Inventory from NCAR (FINNv1.5) | Wiedinmyer et al. (2011, GMD)
    3. Global Fire Assimilation System (GFASv1.2) | Kaiser et al. (2012, Biogeosci.)
    4. Quick Fire Emissions Dataset (QFEDv2.5r1) | Darmenov and da Silva (2013, NASA Technical Report)
    5. Fire Energetics and Emissions Research (FEERv1.0-G1.2) | Ichoku and Ellison (2014, ACP)

FIRECAM can be accessed through (1) Earth Engine Apps and (2) the Google Earth Engine Javascript playground. While EE Apps facilitates access to FIRECAM for any user (does not require a GEE account), accessing the FIRECAM repository in the GEE playground allows for rapid exports of timeseries and additional data analysis. The latter is also a fallback option if EE Apps is running too slowly.

FIRECAM repository on Earth Engine