Learn how to design, install and test a fire alarm system

Do you want to know what are the details and secrets of “fire alarm” quickly if you don’t have time to study and make searches for months or even for years?

Did you get tired from searching and you have no experience in the fire alarm field and want to know how to design and install a fire alarm system?

Are you going to work in a fire alarm systems installation company and you have limited or have no experience?

You should then learn the steps of:-

•Getting all information about fire alarm system parts and their theory of operation.

•How to design a fire alarm system.

•How to install a fire alarm system.

•How to test and maintain a fire alarm system.

You will find all the information you need in this eBook "FIRE ALARM DESIGN GUIDE"

We will talk about:

•Fire alarm system components and parts.

•Heat detection parts & methods.

•Smoke detection parts & methods.

•Flame Detectors.

•Fire alarm notification devices.

•Conventional fire alarm system.

•Addressable fire alarm system.

•Comparison between conventional & addressable fire alarm systems.

•Design of Spacing and Placing of Fire Alarm System Parts.

•Errors in installation and recommendations.

•Detection type selection recommendations and applications.

•Types and specifications of fire alarm cables.

•Fire Alarm system infrastructure.

•Ordinary cables systems.

•Cabling and basic electricity design.

•IP network fire alarm system.

•Cables installation recommendations.

•Wireless fire alarm systems.

•Hybrid fire alarm systems.

•Tools for testing fire alarm system.

•Fire Alarm System Testing and maintenance procedures.

•Testing and maintenance Login access levels.

•False Alarms.


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