Fingerboard Club

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Fingerboard Club

Are you bored at lunch times, nothing to do?

Your friends are off playing sports? Waiting for it to be over?

Well now you can join Fingerboard Club.

Fingerboard Club is a place where you can hang out with your mates or making new friends.

Want to get better at Ollies? We can help with that!

About the Founder: William

Hi, I’m William P.C. at the moment i’m in year 8 and have recently got into Fingerboarding and skating.

I wanted to start a company called Fingers & Feet Fingerboarding for a while now, but didn’t know how to.

I thought I would make a Fingerboard Club as I’ve met some people in my year who like the idea. Two of those people are George and Leeo....

About The Co-Founder: George

Bio not here yet.

About The Co-Co-Founder: LEEO

Hi, I'm Leeo and I'm in Y8 with William and George. I've been fingerboarding for about the same time as William and I can do a few tricks. If you come to the club, I can show you what I know and may be able to teach you a few tricks too.