About the Club

Typical Session

When you arrive at the club you can expect from us:

  • Demonstrations
  • Trick Teaching
  • A finger park to practise your tricks on

We will be able to teach a few tricks as in the Ollie, Kickflip and Boneless.

The Kickflip

The kickflip is where you pop the tail and flick the board with your middle finger to flip it into the air, then land on it.

The Boneless

Grab your deck with your thumb, then take your middle finger off the board and place it on the ground. Then take your thumb off the deck and middle finger back onto the grip and land it.

The Ollie

Fingers on the grip, push back with some force to create some energy, then pop the tail and then pull the board forward and land it.

(More details on how to do these tricks at the club)

At Fingerboard club we will provide a few Tech Decks for our members of the club to use while there.

The Finger Park

We've bought some wood and are making the finger park with the help of Mrs Hawkins in Technology. Let us know if you want to help make more ramps, steps and rails.

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