Why St Francis de Sales Religious Education?

Do you ever have conversations with your kids about the Scriptures heard in Mass during the car ride home, or better yet, around the dining room table? If not, the spiritual distance between our shared church building and our individual homes may widen until the youth become convinced that the two are completely separate.

We cannot allow the Word of God to become boring, "too old," or lifeless whenever we walk out of the church building. The Church Body must show Life in Christ. After all, "Mass" comes from the Latin wood "Missa," which means "sending" forth. The gospel should go out from Mass into the world refreshed rather than put aside for another week.

Our Religious Education program strives to bridge the gaps between...

...between the church building and the "domestic church" (a.k.a. our homes), because parents and guardians are a student's first teachers

...between the ordained priesthood and the "common priesthood" (a.k.a. all laypeople), because the Holy Spirit knocks on the doors of all hearts

...between the Church and the State, because Faith must have the freedom to express itself, Hope must have a place of refuge, and Love must have a way to be given and received

...between the Saints and sinners, because, as Matthew Kelly writes in his book, The Greatest Lie in the History of Christianity is the attitude that holiness is unattainable

Here at St Francis de Sales, we teach the basics that many dismiss or too quickly believe they have mastered. We emphasize the answers that lead to peace so that the subsequent questions of the world don't lead to fear. For example, in order to not despair over "when" Jesus will come again, one must first understand "why" he came in the first place. In order to not despair over "how" we were made, one must first understand "why" we were made. We were made for love of God and neighbor, and the Son came to remind us of this. "God is love" (1 John 4:8). Join us...with God...that His love may be shared. All other answers will come to light in time.

This message was approved by the Pastor of St Francis de Sales: Rev. Robert G. Tamminga