Find A Dentist In Florida

Find A Dentist In Florida

There are currently 67 counties in Florida. Although we are going to start with Dentists in Broward county

The goal of our dentist in Florida is to ensure the absolute health of the teeth and gums of the patients. Having healthy teeth contributes a lot to the overall health, and unfortunately there are a lot of things that can go wrong with teeth and gums, from an infected root, to a lost tooth and gum disease. To meet this goal, our dentist keeps up to date with the latest in dentistry, from equipments to new methods, to provide the best and most effective treatments for the patients, such as:

General Dentistry

These treatments are designed to prevent the teeth from being affected or damaged by diseases and to treat common dental problems. Our Florida general dentist checks the teeth and gums of the patients at their regular checkup appointments and takes X-rays if necessary to determine whether a problem exists or not. If it does, then treatments will be performed to stop the disease from damaging the teeth. Root canals, dental fillings, crowns and bonding are some of the treatments provided by our dentist at this stage.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry treatments address any dental issue, but focus more on preventive care and to keep the structure of the teeth healthy for the permanent teeth. Cavities and decays are the most encountered dental problems in kids and our pediatric dentist in West Hollywood uses sealants to immune the teeth. If any of the teeth are affected, then treatments will be provided to stop the infection and damage to the teeth as soon as possible. Orthodontic problems are also common among kids, which again will be addressed by our dentist.

Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic problems are common among kids, but so are they among adults. Many patients suffer from crooked and misaligned teeth, teeth that have wide gaps in between them or teeth with odd shapes. These problems do not just aesthetically detract from the smile; they are also dangerous for dental health, as it is hard to brush and floss them effectively. Our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist uses braces to gradually treat these problems. Invisalign aligners are also a great solution, since they are practically invisible.

Periodontic Treatments

Gum disease is a potentially dangerous disease. Many recent studies suggest links between gum disease and many other diseases, starting from prostatitis to respiratory diseases, heart diseases, stroke, premature birth in pregnant women and even Alzheimer’s. That is when gum disease has progressed to its advanced stages and the bacteria in the mouth find their way to bloodstream and other parts of the body. Visit our periodontist in your area for regular checkups to prevent this disease and get treatments if any symptoms of it are present.

Restorative Dentistry

Damaged teeth can be embarrassing. They also make it hard to chew and talk properly. Missing teeth leave a gap in the mouth, which allows the neighboring teeth to shift and in turn cause bite problems. It is best to have any damaged teeth repaired and any missing teeth replaced as soon as possible to prevent further problems. Our West Hollywood restorative dentist has numerous methods to repair teeth, including root canal, crowns, fillings and bonding, and other methods and devices to replace missing teeth, such as single dental implants, dental bridges and full or partial dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Having beautiful teeth is a blessing, and not having them is not much of a problem anymore. With advances in dentistry everyone can have a dazzling smile now. Any imperfection with the teeth, such as dull color, permanent or deep stains, odd shape of the teeth or even missing teeth can be fixed by our cosmetic dentist in our dentistry with methods that will work effectively in eliminating or hiding these imperfections. Once our dentist is done with your teeth, you will be amazed by your new smile.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies are more common than they seem to be. A sudden severe toothache can be the sign of a badly decayed tooth. Your kids can easily hurt, or even knock out their tooth or filling while playing. An abscessed tooth can be really tough to deal with, even for a few hours. That is why our Florida emergency dentist is available at all times during day and night to help any patient with emergency dental problems. The sooner these problems are taken care of, the more the chance the tooth can be saved without further complications.

Anyone has to go the dentist a few times a year, maybe even more. Our dentist you can trust to provide you the most effective treatments to cure the conditions you are dealing with. You can even receive treatments that help you prevent being affected by diseases and problems and enjoy healthier teeth through the years. Make sure you keep up with your regular checkups and cleanings, and your teeth will stay in good shape for a longer period of time.

Find A Dentist In Florida