Emergency Dentistry Hollywood Fl

Emergency Dentistry Hollywood Fl

A dental emergency can involve a lost filling, a broken tooth, or several teeth that are knocked out due to an accident. Whatever the situation may be, you need prompt dental care to address your problem. Our dentist in Hollywood will bring you into the office as quickly as possible. Your situation will be evaluated, and the best course of action will be chosen to take care of your dental issue.

If you have lost a filling, composite material can be used that will not only effectively replace your old filling but will also blend in with your natural tooth coloration and will look cosmetically appealing. A broken tooth can be repaired through dental bonding, which is a great way to build up the damaged portion of a tooth. In some cases, the pulp chamber of the tooth will become infected, and a root canal will be needed. After root canal therapy has been performed, our dentist will place a porcelain crown over your repaired tooth that will protect and strengthen it.

No one wants to have an emergency and but it is good to know that if you do, our emergency dentist can help you through it.

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Emergency Dentist Hollywood Fl Performing The Procedure

A lost tooth can be replaced with a dental implant that will be just as effective as your original tooth. If you have experienced the loss of several teeth due to an accident, a partial fixed bridge will be custom-fitted for you and will replace all of your lost teeth.

Our emergency dentist has the experience and training to handle any type of dental crisis that may arise, whether you are the patient or it is one of your family members who needs care.

Our emergency dentist in Hollywood Fl is experienced at handling emergency dental situations and can provide what you need in any emergency case.