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Our expertise

Finch Hatton are seasoned Dutch green project developers and project managers who initiate, develop and manage green energy projects in NL, as well as water, food and energy projects in Tanzania. We can assist you from first project initiation and permit obtainment, through tendering & contracting, implementation & construction up till commissioning & handover to your Operations and Management team. We have an extensive network of technical and legal experts, contractors, governmental bodies and authorities to make your plans reality. Finch Hatton also participates in various consortia to combine and broaden our strenght to serve our clients even better.

We currently manage the construction of 84MW onshore Windpark Vermeer in the Netherlands. We executed the Tendering/Contracting, and mann the Project Management, Site Management and Contract Management during the construction phase.

An example of projects and services Finch Hatton already has developed and implemented:

Windpark Vermeer/NL

Finch Hatton and The Core Team manage the project during construction phase.

Windpark Netterden/NL

Finch Hatton executed the tendering&contracting and managed the project during construction phase.

Windpark Singida/Tanzania

Identification and vetting of qualified, international Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors.
Conducting due diligence on the EPC contractors to determine and document the experience and capability of the contractors to perform the engineering, procurement and construction of a 200MW wind energy project in East Africa.

Offshore Windpark Luchterduinen/NL

Interim Project & Contract Management Services for the Offshore HV Substation for 129MW Windpark Eneco Luchterduinen, the Netherlands. Managing the Engineering, Purchasing & Fabrication for CG Belgium (known as Pauwels International), in cooperation with Iemants Steel and Fabricom GTI, both from Belgium.

Windpark Alexia/NL

Project & Contract Management Services for the Electrical Scope of Work for 122MW onshore Prinses Alexia Windpark in Zeewolde, the Netherlands. FH managed succesfully the Engineering, Purchasing & Fabrication, Construction & Installation and Commissioning for CG Holding Belgium NV (formerly a part of and known as Pauwels International N.V. till 2009), in joint cooperation with Dura Vermeer and SPIE Nederland. All within limits of budget & time and HSE.

Windpark Enkhuizen/NL

For Nuon Wind Development, formerly known as WEOM, Finch Hatton provided Development and Contracting services for the onshore 4MW Windpark Enkhuizen:
- EPC contract management ENERCON wind turbine supplier for the design, supply and installationof wind turbines, electrical Infrastructure and civil works- Tendering & contracting of removal and sale of former windturbines- Permit arrangements like building & environmental and Wbr (Rijkswaterstaat)- Business case set up, investment proposal and financial analysis- Establishment of an SPC and arrangement of subsidies (MEP and EIA)- Grid connection contract negotiations with the regional grid operator Continuon

Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee

Project Development and Project Management Services for the Electrical Works at 108 MW
Scope of Work:
  • EPC contract with Vestas and Ballast Nedam regarding design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of Switchgear offshore, offshore electricity cables 34kV, cable crossings, dune drilling, transformer 120MVA, onshore Substation;

Contract and Construction management of:
  • 7km of 150kV grid connection plus Utility connections data, telephone, water
  • Sea Support radar system (HITT radar systems and Harbour Authorities)
  • Offshore and onshore crossing agreements and substation land lease agreement

Wind aan de Stroom

Project Development works for the Windpark Port of Antwerpen;
- Management of design and contracting of grid connection;- Focal point for radar interference of windturbines on port radars.

Amsterdam - The Netherlands +31 6 128 46 747


Finch Hatton has been established in 2006 by Pieter van Dijke. Pieter is best characterized as an unconventional man, born and grown up in the Netherlands, and doesn’t like a status quo but is fascinated by opportunities and possibilities. Mostly structured and sometimes even impatient he likes to visualise where the organisation and its people should be going in the long term and strives to capture that both efficiently and effectively. For this man concrete decisions are more important than just discussing matters. When required he can make hard decisions on an objective impersonal basis but always in an open and sociable manner.


His educational background starts with Mechanical Engineering at the Institute of Technology Vlissingen, The Netherlands followed by International Technological Development Studies at the University of Technology Eindhoven, The Netherlands. For his Masters thesis he arranges a research project in Tanzania for the national Energy Utility TANESCO and traverses this enormous country to look into the future possibilities for Mini Hydro Power Plants.

Professional Experience

Pieter's career starts with a succesful four years in production and project management for ALCOA, the Aluminium COoperation of America, up till 2001. In 2002 he starts working in the world of Renewable Energy as Business Developer for both Offshore and Onshore Wind Energy. Since 2006 he works as an independent Dutch Project Developer and Construction manager in an international network. He works on renewable energy projects like the first Dutch Offshore Windpark, first as a project developer and later on as a construction manager and also on several other onshore and offshore windparks.

Currently he works together with other professionals both in The Core Team in the Netherlands, as well as in PI Holding in Tanzania, East Africa. All individually and as a team committed to take care of your interests in the fields of business development, tendering and contracting as well as and project management during the constrution/implementation phase.