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Green Zone - Tanzania - 2021/to date

Finch Hatton initiated this project -currently under development- which will have measurable social and environmental impact. By integrating design, technology and sustainability, we'll create a new framework for sustainable living. It is a triple bottom line solution that tackles the systemic issues of housing, energy access and sustainability. One that has a powerful, knock-on effect and immense ability to uplift humanity and meanwhile supporting Sustainable Development Goals. The final result will be a new sustainable city district for Iringa (TZ) which will act a showcase for tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide. The project is a collaboration between initiator an owner Finch Hatton bv and PI Holding -the green project developers- from Tanzania and supported by various international graduation students of Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda

Windpark Vermeer - 84MW - onshore - NL - 2018/2021

Finch Hatton succesfully managed the tendering & contracting and construction phase for civil, electrical, grid connection and windturbines.

Windpark Netterden - 12MW - onshore - NL - 2015/2017

Finch Hatton succesfully executed the tendering & contracting as well as the construction phase of the  civil and electrical works as well as the grid connection and windturbines.

Windpark Singida - 200MW - onshore - Tanzania - 2015/2016

Finch Hatton succesfully managed the identification, vetting  and due diligence of EPC contractors to determine the experience and professional capability to perform the engineering, procurement and construction of a 200MW wind park in East Africa.

Windpark Luchterduinen - 129MW - offshore - NL - 2013/2014

Successful Interim Project Management for the Offshore HV Substation for 129MW Windpark Eneco Luchterduinen, the Netherlands. Managed the Engineering, Purchasing & Fabrication for CG Belgium/ Pauwels International, in cooperation with Iemants Steel and Fabricom GTI, both from Belgium.

Windpark Alexia - 122MW - onshore - NL - 2011/2013

Successful Project & Contract Management for the Electrical Scope of Work for 122MW onshore Prinses Alexia Windpark in Zeewolde, the Netherlands. FH managed the Engineering, Purchasing & Fabrication, Construction & Installation and Commissioning for CG Holding Belgium NV (formerly a part of and known as Pauwels International N.V. till 2009), in joint cooperation with Dura Vermeer and SPIE Nederland. All within limits of budget & time and HSE.

Windpark Enkhuizen - 4MW - onshore - NL - 2005/2008

Finch Hatton succesfully managed the re-Development and Contracting for onshore 4MW Windpark Enkhuizen for client Vattenfall, formerly known as Nuon (Wind Development), formerly owned as WEOM, 

Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee - 108MW - NL - 2002/2008

Finch  Hatton succesfully managed part of the Project Development and Construction Management. Scope of Work consisted of:

Wind aan de Stroom - 12MW - onshore - BEL - 2006/2007

Finch Hatton succesfully managed part of the Project Development works for the Windpark in the Port of Antwerpen;


Finch Hatton has been established in 2006 by Pieter van Dijke. Pieter is best characterised as an unconventional man, born and grown up on an agricultural farm in the Netherlands. He doesn’t like a status quo but is fascinated by opportunities and possibilities and natural resources. Mostly structured and sometimes even impatient he likes to visualise where the organisation and its people should be going in the long term and strives to capture that both efficiently and effectively. For this man concrete decisions are more important than just discussing matters. When required he can make hard decisions on an objective impersonal basis but always in an open and sociable manner.