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Ms Huang Xuwen (Wen)

Bringing Peace of Mind & Prosperity to Every Individual & Business !

An Appointed Representative registered in the MAS Register of Representatives (the “Register”), I provide financial planning services under the Financial Advisers Act. I am also certified by Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd as a fit and proper financial consultant. Throughout my career, I maintain a clean record, earning a persistency ratio of at least 97% each year.

Being a financial consultant is more than just a job for me. I'm a trusted confidant to my clients, who, regardless big or small, all deserve a better future. As everyone is a unique individual, I customize and tailor plans for them, according to their needs and financial situation. Financial planning is also a lifelong journey - I'm their dedicated friend at every stage!

Tina Phua Yen Tin

Assistant DirectorSingapore General Hospital
She provides me with a very detailed summary for my children and me. Able to highlight the key benefits of each policy. A very warm person and hardworking financial consultant. She ensures that each meeting is very fruitful and its objectives, met.
She's very patient and perseveres in meeting up with me to go through all my policies. She is fair and never tries to sell plans that I do not require. She gives me the assurance that she is always putting her clients' needs as priority. A very considerate and trustworthy person and you will be assured that she provides you with the best options.

Sreekumar Neelakanta Sarma

Bought a life insurance plan under her. Discussed extensively on what's included and what's not, the coverage amount in relation to salary, and the total budget for insurance relative to take home salary, etc., which were informative and useful.
Helps me understand the use of insurance. Very diligent in follow up. Extends invitations to spouse as well for events, etc., and the list goes on. Overall good interactions every time.

Ng Xue Fang

Manager Grab
Does a very comprehensive portfolio review. Willing to put in the time to follow up. Always available to answer my questions.

Carol Lim Ai Ling

Marketing ExecutivePI ETA Consulting Company
I have known Huang Xuwen close to 2 years now. She is the first insurance agent who has served my husband and me with dedication. I brought all my policies that we had in 2 big files and she re-filed them in new files in proper order. She would sit us down and review with us what we had and what we were lacking in. Just recently, she studied our past policies and advised on whether it was worth retaining them and buying new ones from Prudential. We reviewed her suggestions and took her advice. Surrendering our Investment-linked policy was fruitful as it was sold for a good price at this juncture. She is an agent with integrity that has concerns and interest for her clients like my hubby and me. She is not just commission driven for profits. She is one very different insurance agent as compared to the past few agents we had for our insurance plans! She patiently explained new products that best suit our age given our limited budget and resources. I am thankful to have met her at the Jalan Jalan Road Show at Kranji Turf Club.
Yes Ms Huang is reliable, caring, trustworthy and has integrity as an insurance agent. She was willing to go the extra mile to spend time with us even till 12AM to explain everything to us clearly. She is not selfish and is indeed kind to us as clients. Now we have even become friends. Thank you for showing us a legendary service. She is an insurance agent who I would highly recommend. She does not force the plans on us at all and allows us to consider them before purchasing them from her.

Chong Kee Seng

Security AdministratorFacebook
Xuwen was referred to me by a friend around the first quarter of 2020. I would like to take a moment to let you know what a remarkable employee she is. After having some one-to-one sessions with her, she made me realize that some of my investment-linked policies need amendments. Xuwen went through my plans meticulously and also provided advice to assist me in balancing my existing plans and covering some of my hospital charges. She also took some time and came up with a 5-year insurance savings plan which helps me save for a house. I am thankful to her and currently all my plans are under her care.
Compared to my former Prudential financial consultant, Xuwen has rendered a totally different experience and service to me. The former only asked me to top up my CPF investment plans annually and touted me to buy a savings plan. She failed to inform me that there's a need to go through a risk profile questionnaire which I recalled Xuwen telling me was a requirement that started last year or the year before. This is one of the positive things that tells me Xuwen is doing her due diligence and taking her job very seriously.

Carolyn Ang Chui Hoon

ICT TrainerACP Computer Training And Consultancy Pte Ltd
I had experience with pushy sales people who aggressively persuaded me to buy plans that I could not pay up in the end, losing a few thousands. However, Wen will advise against getting a plan she feels is not suitable, even if it means losing a sale.
She took my future financial plans and worries into consideration and came up with a comprehensive plan, which includes what insurance and financial options I can sustainably take, backed with intensive research. She even informed me of schemes I didn't know existed!
She was patient enough to answer my numerous questions and went to research anything she doesn't know of, which is commendable. She also exudes sincerity and genuineness and I feel I can trust her. She has been very helpful and thorough in my recent annual review with her. I know I'm on the right track, even with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Thank you for addressing my financial concerns!

Chan Weng Cheong Ezzy

TeacherMinistry of Education
Xuwen has gone the extra mile by going through the various plans I have with Prudential with me. She has also worked hard on giving a portfolio review, while other agents have terminated services once their plans were sold. I have been her loyal customer since she first started her journey as a Prudential financial planner. She would recommend suitable plans and services that best suit my needs.

Priyank Pradeep

DirectorFloresta Real
Very detailed information provided. Dedicated time to explaining how the policy works, and what would be covered or not. The personal touch in explaining the details really helped in making a decision. What I really appreciated was the idea to not push for sales, but to first spend time in understanding my requirements, the kind of needs I had from the medical insurance plans, and then give me a proper customised plan that best suits my needs. Also helped me compare some competitors' plans and get more details to do a vis-a-vis comparison, to unclutter all the information. Very thorough in her understanding of the process and very detailed in explaining. The regular updates and follow up and help that she provided when if you are having trouble is also worth a mention.
Very thorough, caring, diligent and most importantly for me it was not only sell sell sell, but more of understanding the needs and providing the right solution. Also regular follow ups on doubts and clarifications. Regular follow up on family situation and helps to get them covered as well. Always felt like talking to a friend and not just an insurance agent.

Sharon Teo Li Keng

TeacherMinistry of Education
Had my portfolio review done by Xuwen. She reviewed my investment-linked policy that was not being taken care of by my previous agent. She took over my plans and gave advice on areas that I needed to look into. I was not clear about the investment part of my plan; she helped to look into it and identified types of investments that would work better for my risk tolerance.
Xuwen is a caring agent and she is diligent and meticulous in her recording of my financial portfolio. She is very detailed in her questions and in analyzing my portfolio when we meet for review. She used the portfolio as the basis of discussion and was very clear in highlighting areas to look into for coverage. Xuwen is one of the most sincere agents who listens and is willing to help her clients based on their needs. The conversation does not start with pushing for products that she wants to sell. I am very glad to have her servicing my policies. Thank you.

G Arull

Partner, Head of OMB Audit, Advisory and Risk ManagementMazars LLP
I bought a new term life plan from her and it's the most expensive one for me too. She's been very helpful in explaining the details. Very dedicated and committed to serving, and clear in explaining the pros and cons, which made me decide to stick to Prudential, even though I had much lesser proposals from other competitors.

Ng Cheng Li

Pharmacy Practice Manager ‎KK Women's & Children's Hospital
Wen is sincere and genuinely wants to help people with financial planning, to help secure their future. Actively upgrades her knowledge as a financial consultant so that she can do her best for clients.

Eleanor Ee

Supply Chain ManagerMerck Millipore
Wen spends time listening and understanding her client's needs, before proposing how to improve on his/her financial planning. She explains the plans in detail and does not push for sales.

Eric Koh

Business OwnerB & G Vietnamese Bride Marriage Agency
Her planning caters to different needs and different stages in life. She clearly explains what insurance can do, and educates clients on investments and other sources of income.

Low Eng Siang

Colonel (Retired)Republic of Singapore Air Force
Wen is sincere. She focuses on relationship building and engagement, rather than product pushing.

Jun Tan

Business Consultant

Wen is sincere, shares her knowledge generously and entertains questions from the floor.