Financial Independence Group Products

Master Marketing Techniques

The Financial Independence Group has worked to develop techniques that will allow financial advisors to market themselves to attorneys, accountants, non-profit organizations, investment brokers, and financial service firms in a totally new and effective way.

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Family Wealth Counseling: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Co-authors Jerry D. Nuerge and Jay Link put into writing their collective wisdom of more than twenty years of working with and learning from hundreds of wealth families. They have helped affluent families honestly address the important “soft” issues, as well as the complex “hard” issues of life planning.

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Jerry Nuerge Products

The Priceless Gift

Jerry has authored a book called The Priceless Gift.

What is The Priceless Gift?

Today, we are in the era of mass communication. Email, cell phones, pagers –in our homes, in our cars, as we walk down the street, we can be connected instantly to almost anyone we choose. But what are we saying?

We want to be generous to those we love when looking for the “hot gift,” the ideal present to give. But what are we giving?

The Priceless Gift is an exercise for emotional and spiritual bonding between multiple generations. It shows readers how to touch someone special in their lives in a way that we all would appreciate. It is a gift that can last forever.

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