Funding and Financial Overview


  • Contributions*: $33,000.00 (28%)

  • Program Funding: $ 72,540.00 (61%)

  • Fundraising: $14,300.00 (12%)

  • Total: $119,840.00

*Contributions are apprised of $2,000.00 in Gifts in Kind - Goods and $31,000.00 in individual/Business donations


  • Fundraising $1,300.00 (1%)

  • Salaries $23,800.00 (22%)

  • Professional Fees $6,810.00 (6%)

  • Occupancy/Construction* $24,454.00 (22%)

  • Printing/Postage/Shipping $8,120.00 (7%)

  • Operational** $45,316.00 (41%)

*Occupancy costs include the following: Building acquisition , maintenance, construction, rent, building materials, utilities

**Operational costs include the following: Insurance ($3,329.00), Telecommunications ($1,200.00), Website ($1,215.00), Office Machinery ($670.00), Supplies and Food ($9,230.00), Marketing ($9,600.00), Equipment (11,472.00), Animal Acquisition ($8,600.00)

Revenue Trends

  • 2017 saw the infusion of capital from the founder of Chase Animal Sanctuary


Chase Animal Sanctuary believes that there are no secrets to be kept and that we are accountable for decisions made. As stated in our Mission Statement, our goal is to provide for the animals of the Sanctuary while educating the public. Our funding goes to ensure our programs achieve that mission. Donors and the general public can receive updates and communication from Chase Animal Sanctuary at any time or through our periodic mailings. Should they wish, an option to “Opt-Out” is also provided. The distribution of our funding can be found above, as well as detailed financials of our activities. 28% of our funding in FY 2020 was derived from Individual Contributions and 61% from our Program Services. Program Services include animal experiences and educational programs offered by the Sanctuary. Occupancy Costs accounted for 22%, while Operational Costs made up 41% during the same time period. All records are kept in accordance of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

Neither the founder nor her partner take any salary, expense payments or other forms of contribution. The vast majority of our staff is volunteer and operates with a staff of 65-75 volunteers. Payroll consists of 1 full time operational employee (Aaren Stevenson), 1 part time operational employee (Diana Lamolli), and 1 part time primate diet and nutrition specialist (Aylia Hill). Our veterinarian (Dr. Tina Grove) is on monthly retainer as well as on a bill for services provided basis.

Conflict of Interest Policy

A copy of Chase Animal Sanctuaries Conflict of Interest Policy can be found here.


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