Here's what lenders look at when approving your mortgage: your yearly income, your income to debt ratio and of course your credit score. After all, they're only trying to ensure that you can return the money you want to borrow.

Ross Taylor & Associates has helped hundreds of clients over the past 15 years simplify their mortgage. We speak mortgage better than anyone in Ontario. Years of providing expert solutions to clients from diverse backgrounds has groomed us into industry stalwarts who can provide personal finance and mortgage advice that is consistent, effective and reliable.

Ross and his team of personal finance experts can help you decode mortgage terms (a must for first-time home buyers), help you plan your down payment and negotiate on your behalf with lenders with the most competent rates.

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You thought getting your mortgage approved was the end of race, but this is usually where it begins. After the purchase of your home goes through, you have your stability and personal space. But you also owe someone considerable amount of money for a long time.

How to choose a great mortgage broker

This can potentially lead you to chalk up other debts, for example, the balance on your credit card. No one enjoys carrying their debt around and you deserve a balanced solution to make your debts disappear.

Financial Solutions

Ross Taylor & Associates specializes in debt relief and management for home owners. If you're tired of worrying about payments and getting collection calls, reach out to us. Our credit counseling experts can help you out by providing sustainable and fair solutions to your debt woes.

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