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We meet online on Thursdays at 10:00 AM Central USA time. Fill out the contact information below for access to login information. Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are in the world, even though we are based in Kerrville Texas. Please pass this info on to someone who might be interested in our class. Thanks in advance.

Join persons of like interests to discuss your investments and/or hear about others. If you are not currently an investor, you may learn something new. All types of investments and trading issues are on topic. We will also have occasional speakers and special presentations.

The “class” will consist of a moderator that will ask each willing participant for recent buys, sells and holds of investments (trades). Reasons why are optional. Actual amounts are not required. A second round will consist of questions, comments and observations of market related topics. Partisan political or religious discussion will be avoided and limited by the moderator.

No previous investing or trading experience is required, but helpful for discussion.

Options, Forex (FX, foreign exchange), commodity (oil, oj, etc.), etc. traders are welcome too.

Key words: stock, option, dividend, ETF, REIT, mutual fund, bond, forex, FX, pip, dollar, euro, pound, franc, sterling, cryptocurrency, currency, precious metal, oil, gas, commodity, futures, ROI, covered call,

For more information and to get access to our weekly sessions, fill out the contact /registration form below.

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Regards, Ed E your moderator. 😎