Fully Illuminated LunaTics Hash House Harriers 

Apart from the evening of a Full Moon with a live hare (every 29.45 days), we also meet on the Saturday closest to a New Moon - These however are more like pub-crawls

You could also try www.FILTHh3.nl

MisManagement & Contact

GM - Boar Whore
RA - Tuna Melt
Haberdashery - Tasty Piss

More Haberdashery

Dutch Kennels

1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month

4th Saturday of the Month

Every 29.4 days at a Full Moon
Saturday closest to a New Moon

Wednesday evenings in Summertime
Sundays during Wintertime

Dutch Traditionals

In more or less chronological order and all depending on corona and other mishaps of course

Amsterdam - Lights + Erwtensoep
The Hague - Robby Burns
Wageningen - Ten Hour Madness
Brabant - Tilburg Carnaval
FILTH - KoningsNach
The Hague - KingsDay
Brabant - Kermis-Hash-Saturday
Amsterdam - Gay for a Day
FILTH - Boaty McBoat
Wageningen - Threesome Hash
Amsterdam - Spooky Halloween