FI Help

On my path to FI , in the last 8 years, i always wanted to ask real, actual people in a 1-on-1 conversation, about money ( how to save, when, where to save), wealth, savings, budget(s), frugality vs being cheap, taxes, jobs, retirement, post-retirement, rentals, side gigs/ hustles .... when , where, how, how much, why

Yes, there is A LOT of literature and a LOT of blogs out there, but ... reading about people that easily make 40k/yr from a blog ( or similar ) seemed hard and unrealistic for me.

That is why i am starting this semi-non-profit (charge very little and make no profit ) service. So if you are like me ... and you want a 1-on-1 ...i am here to listen, brainstorm with you, give you my opinion and ideas ... in a safe, confidential, anonymous manner.

We are frugal "FI wannabes" but i will still charge a very small fee $20/1st hour, $30/2nd hr, $40/3rd session, $50/hr the 4th session. Or $150 for 6 sessions=6hrs over 6mo. My goal is that you will only need 2-3-4 sessions a year to gauge yourself. Or you want a few sessions to fine tune and keep yourself accountable. So far i never had anybody that needed more than 6 sessions a year.

Disclaimer , i am not a financial planner, or CPA, or will bear any liability. But i do have an MBA from a Top10 US university, a BSc in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters in Computers Science. Email me

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