¿Quiero Fiero? Fiero Libre (a.k.a. Fiero Jackson) is a 24 Hours of Lemons car racing team in California formed in 2011. They are the world famous Fiero family sextuplet boys (Pedro, Pepe, Juan, Pero, Jose, Paco, and Raul) from Xaltianguis, Mexico. Pontiac was so inspired by their story that they named a car after them. So, in return, they race the 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT. Between races they wrestle Lucha Libre back home in Mexico. Their Puerto Rican cousin - also named "Juan Fiero" - The Carribean Legend, also got the family wrestling gene. In 2016 the luchadors wished to go in Michael Jackson costumes. In 2018 the luchadors celebrated the Fiero sponsorship of the 1985 Hall and Oates concert series (Video - go to 9:34) Facebook

They won the coveted "Heroic Fix" trophy at Thunderhill, July, 2017 which included a new clutch (requires full engine and trans drop because Fiero), clutch master cylinder, engine mount, hub bearing, alternator wire, and throttle cable in 109 degree weather: