About Us

Fiasco Forge Homestead

Fiasco Forge Homestead is a small family farm in Averill Park, NY. We specialize in log-grown mushrooms, including various species of shiitake, oysters, lion's mane, and others. We also sell raw honey from our beehives, and various beeswax products, including candles. We are working on adding goat milk soap made from milk from our own goats, and a few hand-forged metal items. In addition, we have several adorable goats and sheep, and often have baby goats and lambs for sale.

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Meet the Farmer

Hi, I'm Emily, and Fiasco Forge Homestead is my farm! I grew up in Amish country in Pennsylvania, and I've always wanted to live on a homestead. I moved to NY to go to graduate school, and ended up getting married and having kids in the process. After I got my PhD, I realized that I wanted to stay here in NY to raise my family. Instead of going back to work, I decided to stay home with my kids, and start the farm I've always dreamed of. We started with bees and chickens, and soon expanded to goats, sheep, and mushrooms! I'm passionate about farming, and about keeping our land wild and beautiful. I do my best to farm sustainably, and I love taking care of our animals. If you follow along with our Facebook or Instagram, you will quickly discover that I'm proud to be a nerdy, queer, Jewish farmer, and I love to learn new things (and get new animals). The homestead life is crazy, but I love it!