High school students, check out the opportunities below to gain valuable work experience in informal science education and make a difference in our community.

Want to spend your summer working outdoors, gain valuable experience, and have fun too? Check out student employment opportunities with Park Play, Park Connect, SHaRP, and SNAP: - See more at: http://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/4979.aspx#sthash.4Byth6qP.dpuf

Contribute to research or programs with Canada’s pre-eminent think tank

You did it! Completing post secondary education is a major accomplishment. Now what? It’s time to launch your career, and the Y is pleased to support post secondary graduates in reaching their career goals. The Post Secondary Youth Internship Program provides post secondary graduate youth with career-related work experiences in various high-demand sectors. The program is designed to help young, motivated professionals build skills, develop confidence and integrate into the Canadian labour market.

Explore a trade or technical career

We offer opportunities for students interested in exploring different trades, technical careers and hands-on work. The Youth Hires Program provides summer employment in the trades and technical occupations to students who are making the transition from school to work.

Students and others can also get involved in research by volunteering to work with investigators at BC Children's Hospital.

Other opportunities for volunteering on the Oak Street Campus include: BC Children's Hospital, BC Women's Hospital & Health Center and the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

The DRC is pleased to be able to offer high school programs geared towards Grade 11 students. These programs have been designed to offer high school students the opportunity to explore cancer research from the front lines and learn the latest techniques being used today in the fight against cancer.

Are you a grade 11, 12, or are you a university student interested in working with kids this school year? Are you passionate about sharing STEM in a hands-on learning environment?

SCORE Summer Research Internship Program

The award-winning SCORE (Surrey Collaborative Outreach and Research Experience) program is a summer research internship program for graduate, undergraduate, and high school students to participate in cutting-edge research projects aimed at advancing health care and solving real-world challenges associated with medical technologies, digital health technologies, and assisted living technologies.

Canada's largest community of environmental change-makers, sustainability professionals, job seekers and volunteers — since 2001.

Science Internship jobs in British Columbia, mainly for university students but some are open to high school students as well.

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A program offering full-time students work experience in the federal public service.

The Get Youth Working! Program funding is provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Job Fund. Call us to find out how the Program can help you 250.861.3100 or toll-free 1.877.866.3100.

The Centre for Employment Excellence is funded in whole or in part by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

If you are an interested intern, please fill out the application form and once you find an eligible employer the role will be evaluated and matched according to which internship program it aligns with best.

A co-op placement with the BC Public Service could pave the way to a rewarding and long-term future. As a post-secondary student, a co-op is a great way to explore life in the public service, to expand your skills and to build your resume. Many students find the co-op experience to be so positive—and we are so impressed by them—that they end up returning to build their careers with us.