Foothill Senior Class Parents

Welcome to the Class of 2020 Parents website! This website is run by a group of volunteer Senior parents. Please check back often as we will be continually updating.

With your support and help, will be putting on activities outside of the school umbrella to make your student's senior year an exciting one. We will need volunteers and donations throughout the year. Remember, all donations are tax deductible!​​

How Do I Get Involved?

1. Sign up for Email Updates and Learn of Volunteer Opportunities By Completing the Google Form


2. Join our Facebook Group

The title is Foothill Class of 2020 Families (Click link below)

Facebook Link

3. Attend parent meetings

We will try our best to keep the meetings short and sweet - your time is valuable and greatly appreciated! Dates may be added, but we will give you plenty of notice!

        • October 14th - CONFIRMED 7pm in the Library
      • January 15th - CONFIRMED 7pm in the Library
      • March 4th - CONFIRMED 7pm in the Library
      • April 22nd- CONFIRMED 7pm in the Library

4. Look at ALL of the pages on this site and get the important dates in your calendars!

    • Each page explains the event and what it entails!