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FHC Seniors: Important Yearbook Deadlines & Specifications

Senior photos due – Nov. 30, 2021

Senior formal and optional Casual pictures electronically sent

Please review the important information below.

Contact Mr. Fisher with any questions. Email: Phone: (616) 493-8700.

Congratulations on making it to your senior year at Forest Hills Central! Here are some common questions & answers about senior pictures for yearbook use. Please read them carefully as we do not wish anyone to be excluded from the senior section of the yearbook!

  1. What should I do first about senior pictures and how soon should I do it?

Call a photographer immediately and get a sitting time scheduled for summer. The portrait-taking process sometimes takes MONTHS through our local photographers, which means you should have your picture taken ASAP! Otherwise, there is no assurance that the photographers can get you a copy of your photo in time. The yearbook staff must meet publishing deadlines which are not flexible!

  1. What are the yearbook picture specifications for the senior formals?

  • The file MUST be renamed to Last Name_ First Name_Formal.jpg (Ex: Smith_ John_Formal.jpg)

  • Must be vertical.

  • Must be a COLOR photo (no Black & White, Sepia, etc.)

  • Pose: Head-and-shoulder shot looking at the camera.

  • No hats, unless religious in nature

  • No selfies

  • Resolution for formals must be at least 300 dpi.

  • Other: Please no hands to face in pose, no fade or reflection effects, no extreme close ups. High quality for print. We want to see your FACE.

  • We would like the focus to be on the PERSON (your face) and NOT the background!

Q. What is the due date for senior pictures?

A. The deadline for turning in your Senior Portrait to the yearbook is November 30st, 2021. You can turn these photos by emailing your files to us at The photos MUST have the specific file name requirements listed above. Please include the senior’s name in the subject line. Failure to follow this step could result in lost files. Thank you.

Q.What is the purpose of these specifications?

A. The yearbook is a professional publication that reaches a large audience: our student body, our community, and beyond. That, along with production costs of over $75,000, requires us to mandate uniform standards. In order to assure uniformity, we follow standard journalistic guidelines. While the traditional head-and-shoulder shot (outlined above) is required for the yearbook, we encourage you to exercise your creativity for our senior casual section.

Q.What if I decide to take my own picture with my own camera?

A. Any self-taken portraits must follow the guidelines above. Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse any pictures that do not look professional or appropriate for the yearbook. Also, it must be a high-resolution photo of at least 300 dpi.

Q.When & where do I turn my senior picture in?

A. Email your Senior Picture to by November 30, 2021. Please make sure you receive a confirmation email. We highly encourage you to email your senior picture or have your photographer email it, to guarantee photo quality. When emailing your picture to us, it is a MUST that you label your photo correctly as your lastname_FirstName_Casual or Formal. DO NOT DROP OFF PICTURES TO THE HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE!

Senior Casual Requirements (this is optional, not required):

  • The file MUST be renamed to LastName_FirstName_Casual.jpg

  • Can be in color, sepia, or black and white.

  • Orientation can be either horizontal or vertical.

  • They may be an individual or a group photo.

  • Resolution for casuals must be at least 300 dpi.

  • Hats and selfies permitted

  • Photos may be used in class video.

Yearbook Deadlines/Checklist

  • Yearbook email –

  • Schedule Senior Portrait – Summer, 2021.

  • Senior Formal - November 30st, 2021 and must be named Last name_First name_Formal.jpg

  • Senior Photos filled out electronically and submitted – November 30, 2021.

  • Senior casuals – November 30st, 2021, and must be named Last name_First name_Casual.jpg

  • September 2021 - Order Senior Yearbook. Order online at we require online orders this year unless there are extenuating circumstances.

P.S. - If you want to send other pictures our way feel free to Download the APP “Yearbook Snap” (Access code: fhc) (lowercase, no spaces) Or e-mail them to Contact Mr. Fisher with any questions. Email: Phone: (616) 493-8700.